Disposal Well Data Key to Quake Cure, Texas House Panel Told

Minor earthquakes blamed on drilling waste disposal wells have been shaking up small towns overlying the Barnett Shale of North Texas for a while now. On Monday, state lawmakers put their ears to the ground during the first hearing of a subcommittee formed on the matter, hearing from local mayors, academic, environmental, regulatory and industry representatives. Read More

Alaska LNG: Many Questions Before 'Opportunity' Realized

After decades of attempts to commercialize its vast North Slope natural gas reserves, Alaska is on the cusp of years more work. But now, producer, pipeline and state interests are aligned; there's a mandate from lawmakers to get a project done; and a real plan has begun to take shape. Read More

Murkowski Calls for Proactive Government, Private Sector Approach to 'Energy-Water Nexus'

Stakeholders in government and the private sector should support research, development and demonstration of new technologies that can reduce energy and water consumption in an effort to ease strains on both ends of the energy-water nexus, according to a white paper released by U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the ranking Republican member of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Read More