Upwing Energy Inc., which has provided artificial lift technology for the oil and gas industry since 2016, said it has been independently certified as a carbon neutral company under standards set by the British Standards Institution (BSI). 

Upwing Rig

According to the Cerritos, CA-based oilfield services operator, Upwing’s certification can benefit exploration and production (E&P) companies through the addition of a carbon neutral company in the supply chain. Additionally, E&Ps working with Upwing may be able reduce their footprint with Upwing’s advanced subsurface compressor technology. 

“This is a clear win for our industry and a great example of how a technology can simultaneously help companies achieve their economic goal of increasing gas production and their environmental goal of reducing carbon emissions,” said Upwing CEO Herman Artinian.

Upwing received certification from SCS Global Services following an assessment of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“Upwing Energy is an innovative leader in its industry, becoming the first oil and gas equipment manufacturing company certified by SCS to achieve carbon neutrality” based on the certification standards, said SCS’ David Jonas, program manager for Climate Consulting Services. “It has set an important precedent for oil and gas equipment manufacturing companies to demonstrate greenhouse gas emissions reductions.”

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, Upwing purchased and retired carbon offsets to neutralize its footprint and implemented plans to reduce its emissions. Plans included an electric vehicle charging initiative, a recycling program, an initiative for sustainable business travel, local shipment of goods and limited mobile and stationary machine use. 

Upwing said E&Ps can reduce their carbon emissions by replacing existing topside wellhead compressors with its “cleaner and more effective” subsurface compressor system, which can increase gas production from existing wells by 150% or more as compared to wellhead compressors.