The tally of rigs plying U.S. natural gas plays is off 44% from one year ago, and that’s with a slight uptick of three units in the latest rig census by Baker Hughes Inc. for the week ending Friday (Dec. 4).

The U.S. oil rig count is down 65% from a year ago.

Louisiana lost four rigs, and Texas lost three, making them the biggest losing states.

Pulling back for a wider view, the United States gave up a net of seven rigs (minus 10 oil; plus three natural gas), and Canada also dropped a net of seven, losing four oil and three gas.

In Canada, Alberta lost four rigs, as did Saskatchewan; Manitoba was down by one, but British Columbia gained two.

The U.S. count ended at 737, just 38% of the year-ago tally. Canada ended at 177, just 42% of the year-ago tally. North America stood at 914 rigs, down 1,428 from a year ago when there were 2,342 rigs running.

The tally of rigs plying unconventional basins held mostly steady from one basin to the next in the latest weekly census by Baker Hughes Inc. The Permian saw the exit of four rigs, making it the biggest loser for the week ending Dec. 4.

The Williston Basin lost two rigs while the Uinta and Denver-Julesburg Niobrara each gave up one. The Cana Woodford and Granite Wash each added one, while the Powder River Basin added two — a 50% climb from the previous week’s tally of four, but off 82% from a year ago.