Mild Weather Again Weighs Heavily on Prices

A popular Mark Twain quotation goes, “Everybody talks about theweather but nobody does anything about it.” Well, utilities andend-users don’t want anybody doing anything at all about theweather because it was the primary reason (again, for the umpteenthtime) for prices to return to double-digit descents Friday in mostcases.

October 30, 2000

AGL’s Bid to Extend Waivers Comes Under Fire

Scana Energy Marketing and Exxon Corp. are urging FERC to bedeliberative as it weighs Atlanta Gas Light’s (AGL) bid for anextension of the waivers and limited jurisdiction blanketcertificate that were approved on a limited basis a year ago toencourage retail gas unbundling in Georgia.

July 9, 1999
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