Warm Weather Ushers January Contract to New Lows

For the second trading session in a row, natural gas futureswere hit with a wave of selling pressure Monday, as bears basked inthe glow of forecasts calling for continued above-normaltemperatures across much of the country. After showing earlypromise last week in trading up to $2.485, the January contract hassince slipped to new life-of-contract lows, closing at $2.224yesterday. Activity was with 69,325 contracts changing hands.

December 7, 1999

September Aftermarket Begins on the Downside

Between a plunging screen and mild-to-cool weather almosteverywhere outside the southern U.S., it hardly came as a shock totraders that Tuesday’s swing deals done for today only would failto measure up to September index levels. However, some consideredthe ability of crude oil futures to stay above $22/bbl and eventack on an extra dime a mitigating factor in keeping the initialaftermarket softness fairly mild.

September 1, 1999

Bullish Screen Defeats Bearish Weather to Push Cash Higher

The cash market switched gears Tuesday, as gains of 3 to 11cents at most points reversed a two-day trend of general weakness.A strengthening futures screen replaced the slackening powergeneration demand as the main market driver, one trader said, andthe result was increasing gas prices despite moderatingtemperatures throughout the nation.

August 4, 1999

Weather, Screen Heat Up June and July Quotes

Those bemoaning a relative lack of volatility in much of thecash market since early spring must have enjoyed Tuesday. Thingswere very strong-“to put it mildly,” as a marketer said-in tradingTuesday for both the month of July and the last day of June. It wasobvious to everyone what was heating up prices: heat now andforecasts of more heat later. A strong showing by the August HenryHub futures contract lent further support to cash.

June 30, 1999

Transportation Notes

Northwest began running a 96-hour test on the Snohomish (WA)Compressor Station’s Unit No. 1 Friday. The test, along with warmerweather and reduced weekend damand, did not allow Northwest toreceive the full 1,097,000 dekatherms of total supply at theSumas/Sipi throughput point. The pipeline capped Sumas/Sipi volumesat 1,000,000 dekatherms Sunday and raised that to 1,050,000dekatherms for Monday’s gas day. No constraint is scheduled todayas the work was expected to end Monday evening.

May 18, 1999

Spring Weather, Flat Futures Prolong Cash Lull

The natural gas cash market went through a second day of overallflatness Wednesday as most of the nation absorbed spring-liketemperatures on St. Patrick’s Day and calmness pervaded the futuresmarket.

March 18, 1999

Analysts See Spring Price Plunge Followed by Major Winter Spikes

With weather forecasts producing bearish news at every turn andnational storage reserves looming ever larger, Raymond James &ampAssociates recently published a report projecting spot wellhead gasprices will drop below the $1.50/Mcf level before the beginning ofsummer. The study, however, also warns of a gas “price shock” inearly 2000, when gas shortages run rampant and production is unableto keep up because of sharp declines in exploration and productionspending. It seems the industry is in store for a spot marketroller coaster ride.

February 15, 1999

Gulf Pipelines Scramble to Serve Burgeoning Production

Three weeks of severe weather in the Gulf of Mexico have leftproducers with their heads spinning and have sent Gulf productionon a roller coaster ride, but producers should find some solace inthe large number of pipeline companies scrambling to serve theirgrowing transportation needs with new projects. In total, the newpipeline expansions announced last week could add more than 1 Bcf/dof additional pipeline access to markets for deep-water supplies.

September 21, 1998

Transportation Notes

As of Friday Sea Robin expected to restore flow Saturday (Feb.21) on its 16-inch West Cameron 580 lateral, pending favorableweather conditions. The force majeure implemented Jan. 27 whenrepairs on a leak began (see Daily GPI, Jan. 29) was to be releasedwhen the lateral was declared in service, Sea Robin said.

February 23, 1998

San Juan Prices Hit Hardest in General Softening

Cash prices for the weekend were down almost across the boardFriday, succumbing to mild weather and lower weekend demand.However, noting the late rebound in the Henry Hub futures contract,a marketer thinks that set the stage for a modest rally in cashnumbers today. He looks for Midcontinent pipes to move back up intothe low $2.10s.

February 23, 1998