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Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd. (LNGL) has appointed Philip D. Moeller non-executive director. He is the Australian company’s third U.S.-based non-executive director. Former FERC Commissioner Moeller left the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in October as the second-longest serving member in its history (see Daily GPI,Oct. 6). Prior to serving on the Commission, he headed the Washington office of Alliant Energy, worked in the Washington office of Calpine Corp., and served on the Washington, DC, staff of Sen. Slade Gorton from his home state of Washington. Previously, he was the staff coordinator of the Washington State Senate Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee in Olympia, WA. Moeller is a graduate of Stanford University. “His experience and knowledge of U.S. government policy and interaction with other key government departments will be very important in achieving the company’s growth ambitions,” said LNGL Chairman Richard Beresford. “Being based in Washington, DC, will also enable him to interact regularly with our corporate and project teams in Houston.” LNGL unit Magnolia LNG LLC is developing an LNG export terminal in Louisiana (see Daily GPI,Nov. 16), and its Bear Head LNG Corp. unit is developing a terminal in Nova Scotia (see Daily GPI,July 20).

December 8, 2015
Washington Governor Looks to GHG Cap-and-Trade

Washington Governor Looks to GHG Cap-and-Trade

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee last Tuesday proposed establishing a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions, estimating that it could generate $1 billion annually in state revenue and help fulfill his climate change mitigation goals along the lines of California’s approach.

January 20, 2015

Washington County, VA, Approves Natural Gas Drilling

Elected officials in Washington County, VA, approved a change to local zoning laws to open the county to natural gas development, which could include the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract natural gas locked in limestone, sandstone and some deeper shale formations.

September 12, 2014

DC Gives Conditional OK to Replace Old NatGas Pipelines

The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (PSC) has given Washington Gas Light Co., a subsidiary of WGL Holdings Inc., conditional approval to implement the first five years of a 40-year plan to replace aging, corroded or leaking natural gas pipelines under the nation's capital.

April 3, 2014

Washington State Regulators OK Pipe Upgrades

The Washington Utilities Transportation Commission (WUTC) on Friday approved long-term, multi-year plans costing nearly $700 million for the state’s four investor-owned natural gas utilities to upgrade their respective pipeline systems in lieu of stiffer federal regulations since a series of pipeline ruptures and explosions in the West and elsewhere around North America in recent years.

November 8, 2013

Retail NatGas Rates Rise in Washington

Retail natural gas charges will increase Friday (Nov. 1) in the state of Washington, with the rate hikes varying over a wide range for the state’s four private-sector gas distribution utilities. Washington state regulators approved the rate hikes on Wednesday.

October 31, 2013

Western Pennsylvania Landman Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud

One of two landmen accused of defrauding property owners in Washington County, PA, has pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in federal court.

September 30, 2013

Industry Brief

Washington state regulators saidPuget Sound Energy(PSE) has agreed to pay a $275,000 penalty to settle a natural gas safety complaint lodged against the Bellevue, WA-based combination utility last year regarding a pipeline leak, explosion and house fire in North Seattle in 2011. TheWashington Utilities and Transportation Commission(WUTC) alleged that PSE violated certain gas safety rules when it responded to reports of gas leaks in the Pinehurst neighborhood of Seattle two years ago. An explosion and fire subsequently destroyed a home and injured two people. Under the settlement, PSE admits there were violations and agreed to pay the penalty. The utility is not allowed to pass on the cost of the fine in the retail rates it charges customers. The WUTC staff found the cause of the leaks late last year and recommended a $400,000 penalty (seeDaily GPI,Dec. 28, 2012).

September 30, 2013

Risk-Takers to Lead Oil, Gas Industry, Says Former DOE Official

It will be up to risk-taking entrepreneurs –and not Congress– who will lead the way for the oil and natural gas industry, a former U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) official said Wednesday in Denver.

August 8, 2013

LNG Approval Delays Costing Billions, Think Tank Says

Pro-business Washington, DC, think tank American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) has a new paper extolling the benefits of exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) that it hopes will light a fire under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its export approval process.

July 22, 2013