Analysts Warn Normal Temps Will Bring Winter Price Spikes

Raymond James & Associates Equity Research group warnedclients this week a return to normal temperatures this winter couldbring a greater gas market surprise than expected. Winterconsumption spikes over the past two winters have trended downward,but that was because winter 1996/97 was nearly 5% warmer thannormal and last winter was nearly 9% warmer than normal, the firmnoted. Normal weather likely will bring a significant increase inconsumption and with it a significant increase in gas prices thiswinter compared to last.

October 23, 1998

FERC Warned Against Underestimating Pipe Monopolies

A regulatory expert last week called on FERC to impose amoratorium on awarding market-based rates for primarytransportation capacity due to the expected continued “monopoly”nature of major interstate pipelines.

October 12, 1998
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