NE Hub Hangs on Consultant’s Recommendations

Reed Consulting is scheduled to deliver analysis to FERC todaythat will decide the fate of the proposed NE Hub, a major saltcavern storage facility and market hub that would add 500 MMcf/d ofdaily deliverability to the gas grid in northern Pennsylvania. Butan eleventh-hour motion by CNG Transmission, a competitor of theproject, could influence and delay the outcome.

August 28, 1998

INGAA Supports OCSLA Oversight in Gulf

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) isexpected to file a comprehensive plan today asking FERC to exertlighter handed regulation over all pipeline facilities in the Gulfof Mexico.

July 16, 1998

Transportation Note

Constraints will be minor today at the Opal (WY) processingplant as Williams Field Services begins testing and maintenance.But at least half of the plant’s current 540 MMcf/d activity willbe off the market Tuesday as the plant is shut down for 12 hours.Reductions June 17-24 will be about 75 MMcf/d.

June 15, 1998

Retail Advancing at Snail’s Pace

Enron’s announcement last week that it will be terminating itsresidential power marketing efforts in several states should be awake up call for the gas industry as well, where the pace of changetoward retail competition has been a disappointment for manyobservers.

April 27, 1998

California Electric Competition Kicks Off

California’s retail electric market kicks off in the earlymorning hours today (March 31) with the state-chartered wholesalespot market, the power exchange (PX), processing a market-clearingprice and generation schedules for another newly created statepublic benefits organization, the independent system operator(ISO), that will run the state transmission grid.

March 31, 1998

Puget Sound Energy Expands Natural Gas Territory

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) today received approval from theWashington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) tomake natural gas available for the first time to portions ofKittitas County.

March 23, 1998

Transportation Note

Reacting to frigid weather spreading into the Southeast, Sonatis implementing an Operational Flow Order Type 3 effective todayfor four groups: Birmingham Group, South Main Zone 2, South MainZone 3 and Brunswick Line. The OFO will be extended Wednesday tothe East of Wrens and Savannah Line groups. Due to compressorproblems, Sonat said, the level of interruptible service in the twoSouth Main zones will be less than normal in limitation periods. Inaddition, an OFO Type 22 notice to become effective Wednesday forseven groups was issued by Sonat affiliate South Georgia NaturalGas.

March 10, 1998

Futures Slip Lower in Slow Trading

The April Nymex contract slipped 1.3 cents to $2.228 onWednesday, as the near month contract continues to be hounded bytight trading ranges. April could move no higher than $2.245 and nolower than $2.210 yesterday.

March 5, 1998
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