Reaction to Northeast Heat Muted; West Soars Back

Despite the return of hot weather alerts and temporary voltagereductions among Northeast electric utilities Monday, spot gasprices found it tough going to build much further on Friday’smoderate gains. Gas demand was fairly strong, sources said, butnot big enough to boost prices any more than 1-2 cents at citygatesand in the Gulf Coast production area. In fact, several Gulf pointsturned in flat performances.

July 20, 1999

Transportation Notes

El Paso said Friday its Waha (TX) GE turbine is off-line againdue to a failed coupling on the field gas compressor. If expeditedtemporary repairs over the weekend prove successful, the pipelinesaid, the unit is expected to return to service around Wednesday.Otherwise, a new coupling will be available around April 6; anothershutdown would be required for its installation. The IMLWAHA pointis limited to 65 MMcf/d during the outage.

March 29, 1999
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