Unocal Targeting Production Growth

Unocal Corp’s Spirit Energy 76 unit said increased explorationand development activity in the second half of 1999 in its Gulf ofMexico Continental Shelf and onshore regions has generatedadditional crude oil and gas resources that will provide theplatform for higher production levels at the end of 1999 and into2000.

December 6, 1999

Eastern Express Still Seeking Customers

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. hasn’t given up on targeting New England power generation demand for gas. The pipeline is holding an open season for its Eastern Express: New England Expansion through 2 p.m. CST Oct. 15.

September 20, 1999

Columbia E&P Joins Canadian Maritimes Ventures

Columbia Natural Resources Canada (CNRC) has joined with twosmall Canadian producers targeting onshore Maritimes production tofeed the nearly completed Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.

August 23, 1999

Avista Targeting Growth Through Technology

Although Avista Corp. has yet to garner much attention on WallStreet, the company is expecting its share price will rise as itsstrategy unfolds. Corporate strategy views technology and billconsolidation services as the gateway to a significant nationwidemarketing presence.

May 26, 1999

Analysts Say Producers Are Ripe for the Picking

The majors have had their day, now it’s the independents’ turnin the merger mart, and analysts are targeting Burlington Resourcesand possibly even Mitchell Energy as companies in play.

March 29, 1999

Midcoast Targeting Canadian Midstream

Midcoast Energy of Houston continued an ongoing buying spree last week. This time, however, the company has set its sights to the North. Subsidiary Midcoast Canada Operating Corp. bought the Calmar gas treating plant and gathering system in Alberta from Probe Exploration Inc. for C$20 million (US$13.2 million). The company said it has its sights on similar acquisitions in the future.

March 29, 1999

Midcoast Targeting Canadian Midstream

Midcoast Energy subsidiary Midcoast Canada Operating Corp.bought the Calmar gas treating plant and gathering system inAlberta from Probe Exploration Inc. for C$20 million (US$13.2million). The company has its sights on similar acquisitions in thefuture.

March 26, 1999

Columbia Joins Amway in Targeting GA Gas Customers

With its California power marketing arrangement with Enron nowhistory, Amway Corp. has hooked up with Columbia Energy, asubsidiary of Columbia Energy Group, to market gas and electricityto residential and small business users, first in Georgia and thennationwide. The deal potentially could add more than 1.3 millionretail energy buyers across the country to Columbia’s already largeenergy customer base of 100,000 in seven states.

November 16, 1998

Kern River Offering Discounted TDR Rates

Williams’ Kern River pipeline, with expansion plans targetingLong Beach, CA, is holding an open season offering termdifferentiated rates (TDR) for firm service representing a discountfrom existing rates of up to 25 cents/Dth. The 15-day open seasonbegan Oct. 23.

November 2, 1998

TX Gatherer Targeting Third-Party, Risk Management Business

Fort Worth-based Richardson Products Co., the marketing arm ofSid Richardson Gasoline Co., is hoping to follow the footsteps ofAquila Gas Pipeline (AQP) of San Antonio, TX, into third-party gasmarketing. The company picked up four AQP employees to accomplishits goal.

September 14, 1998
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