No Hurricanes; But How About an Earthquake

Those searching the skies for storm-driven relief for falling natural gas prices should lower their sights and take into account the extensive earthquake damage to a major Japanese nuclear power plant recently. That’s just what FBR Research is doing in predicting Japan’s increased demand for LNG to fill its 8,200 MW power gap could cut into supplies for the U.S. market, leading to tightening the domestic natural gas market.

August 6, 2007

Stars Aligning For BP Amoco-FTC Agreement

Skies brightened significantly last week for the merger of BPAmoco and Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO), with the companiesannouncing moves to assuage the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), butfederal regulators still have yet to give their blessing to theunion. And high gasoline prices have at least one legislatorcalling for strict curbs on oil patch mega-mergers.

March 20, 2000
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