El Paso’s Somerhalder Says Frontier, LNG Key

Normal temperatures have returned to North America, but naturalgas usage, which powers nearly three quarters of the continent,remains high, said El Paso Corp.’s John Somerhalder II, who made itclear that the market will continue to grow at a rapid rate — buthe muddied his forecast by questioning where the gas would befound, calling the “challenges more severe than we anticipated.”

March 22, 2001

PG&E Sweats Out Gas Supplies for Later This Month

Nervous time returned to Pacific Gas & Electric’s naturalgas operations Tuesday, as it was trying desperately to get morethan two dozen mostly reluctant suppliers to sign contractextensions of up to 90 days using a new state regulatory-backedsecuritization of the utility’s retail gas revenues to assurefuture payments to the suppliers.

February 7, 2001

Energy Futures Weakness Likely to Keep Cash Falling

Cash traders returned from the long holiday weekend Wednesday tofind most of the market turning considerably softer, and it’s asafe bet that prices will keep falling today, since the entireenergy futures complex was getting clobbered Wednesday, sourcessaid.

July 6, 2000

Northeast Leads Price Rise; West Increases Smallest

Prices returned to a fairly strong upward track in most marketsThursday except for the Rockies and California, where an extendedhigh-inventory OFO by PG&E put a damper on things.

March 17, 2000

Most of Market Weaker; Constraints Support Southwest

The 2000 cash market was sluggish and weak Tuesday as a fullcomplement of traders finally returned to their offices followingthe New Year’s holiday break. A sharp futures decline coupled withonly moderately cold weather in most regions depressed most pointsby about a dime or more below the levels at which they rang out theold year Thursday.

January 5, 2000

Transportation Notes

NOVA returned to its normal +10/-10% tolerance range for dailyimbalances Friday after having changed the range to +2/-18%Wednesday. The two-day change was made in order to reduce linepackto target levels, which was necessary before proceeding withmaintenance on Schrader Creek Compressor Station, NOVA said.

August 23, 1999

Transportation Notes

El Paso returned its Blanco “D” turbine (see Daily GPI, June 1) to service Tuesdaymorning, removing a 270 MMcf/d constraint on San Juan Basincapacity. A problem with turbine vibration at Lincoln Station appearsto be under control, El Paso said, and it restored San Juan Crossovercapacity to 580 MMcf/d.

June 2, 1999

March Higher as Bulls and Bears Mark Territory

A tight range and relatively quiet trading returned to thenatural gas futures pit on Monday following last Friday’s failedrally that briefly touched overhead resistance. And althoughyesterday’s highs did not approach the $1.875 notched last week,some traders felt the move was constructive for prices. Theprompt-March contract was limited to a 1.8-cent gain to finish at$1.818 for the day.

February 9, 1999

Christmas Break Fails to Stanch Price Bleeding

Traders returned Monday from a long holiday weekend to find thecash market about as weak or even weaker than it had been prior toChristmas, depending upon the market area. A warming trend andsofter futures were cited as reasons. The Gulf Coast, last week’sbargain basement region for gas, was only dropping a nickel to adime. But Western points, which had been riding high on the basisof having the nation’s chilliest weather, fell anywhere from about20 cents (PG&E citygate) to as much as 50 cents (Stanfield).

December 29, 1998

Transportation Note

PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest reported Tuesday it hadcompleted unscheduled maintenance on Unit C at Station 7 (see DailyGPI, June 24-26). Throughput capabilities returned to 2,500 MMcf/dat Kingsgate, 2,375 MMcf/d at Station 8 and 1,900 MMcf/d at Station14.

July 1, 1998