Dynegy Adds to SE Power Portfolio

Dynegy recently announced construction plans for two separate500 MW facilities in the Southeast, making a reality of its promiseto increase its power asset portfolio in the area. With thesefacilities, one located in Heard County, GA and the other locatedin Oldham County, KY, Dynegy will increase its Southeast energyassets from three to five.

March 22, 1999

Dynegy Adds to SE Power Portfolio

Dynegy is making a reality of its promise to increase its powerasset portfolio in the Southeast by announcing construction plansfor two separate 500 MW facilities in the past seven days. Lastweek, Dynegy announced a local commission approved plans toconstruct a plant in Heard County, GA. Yesterday, the company saidit gained approval from a local court to build the BluegrassGeneration facility in Oldham County, KY. With the Kentuckyfacility, Dynegy will own or have interest in five power plants inthe Southeast.

March 18, 1999

RIK Showing Promise in MMS Pilot

The jury is still out, but initial word from the MineralsManagement Service (MMS) on royalty in kind (RIK) pilots is RIKcould work for some gas and oil leases

January 19, 1999

RIK Showing Promise In MMS Pilots

The jury is still out, but initial word from the Minerals Management Service (MMS) on royalty in-kind (RIK) pilots is RIK could work for some gas and oil leases.

January 18, 1999

Producers Say FERC Gas Rulemakings Show Promise

Major gas producers said they were “encouraged” by FERC’sproposals to remove the price caps on capacity in the short-termmarket and to give pipelines the authority to negotiate terms andconditions of service subject to certain restrictions.

July 31, 1998

Columbia Files to Negotiate Service Terms and Conditions

Columbia Gas Transmission and Columbia Gulf Transmissionyesterday followed through on a long-standing promise to provideFERC with some new regulatory ideas in the area of negotiated termsand conditions of service. The transmission subsidiaries ofColumbia Energy filed a proposal to establish a new regulatorymodel called Standard/Customized services. Columbia said it’s the”next logical step in the evolution of pipeline regulation andnatural gas markets.”

June 12, 1998

Schlesinger Directory Shows Power Marketers Growing

The promise of retail energy marketing, but probably not thecurrent results, seems to be providing enough support to the gasand power marketing community that few have decided to exit thebusiness, according to the results of Benjamin Schlesinger andAssociates’ 12th edition of its Directory of Energy MarketingService Companies.

June 4, 1998

Producers Launch Sable Island; Promise Deliveries in 22 Months

With all regulatory approvals in place at both Federal andProvincial levels, sponsors of the Sable Island Offshore EnergyProject last week signed both their key commercial agreements andthe Facilities Alliance Agreement to engineer, construct andinstall production and gathering facilities to handle delivery of 3.5 Tcf of gas from offshore Nova Scotia. This formally commits theowners to the $2 billion first phase, which will deliver the firstgas in late 1999.

February 16, 1998
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