Nader Group Targets Enron’s Politics

A report by Public Citizen, the consumer advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader, charges that Enron Corp. used its political connections to its advantage in the electric deregulation battle and was “completely dependent on the removal of government oversight.” Meanwhile, in an interview with the news media, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling said that his resignation last August had nothing to do with a belief that the company was failing. He also said the past few months have been the worst of his life.

December 27, 2001

Alaska Pipeline: Politics May Make or Break The Deal

When natural gas prices were sky high a year ago, the “window looked wide open” for the long awaited Alaska natural gas pipe, which would carry supplies from the North Slope to the Lower 48. Months later, however, the announcements from producers are practically nil and President Bush’s energy policy proposal to open up more areas for drilling is barely moving. The abundant North Slope natural gas remains frozen, in more ways than one, and whether it will actually move through a pipe at some point in this decade remain questionable.

July 16, 2001

Panel: Politics, Poor Infrastructure Sank California

Political forces and physical problems are at the root of theconstrained California energy market, and because of it, otherstates have slowed their pace toward deregulation and may evendecide to forego it for a while, according to an energy expert whohas helped guide companies through regulatory hearings.

December 1, 2000
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