GRI, EPRI Form Partnership with DMJM

The Gas Research Institute (GRI) and the Electric Power ResearchInstitute (EPRI) are forming a partnership, called Global EnergyPartners, with engineering/large project management firm DMJM tooffer program management services to public agencies that fundpublic-benefit energy programs aimed at promoting energyefficiency.

October 23, 1998

Cross Bay Makes BU Affiliate Third Partner

Cross Bay Pipeline partners the Williams Companies and DukeEnergy signed up KeySpan Energy Development as a third partner inthe project to move gas from interstate pipes in New Jersey to NewYork City and Long Island. The project will make use of existingpipes operated by Duke’s Texas Eastern Transmission (TETCO) andWilliams’ Transcontinental Gas Pipe Lines (Transco). KeySpan is asubsidiary of MarketSpan Corp., which is the parent of LDC BrooklynUnion.

August 6, 1998

El Paso Exits NrG Partnership

El Paso Energy sold its 25% interest in NrG Information Servicesto NrG’s remaining partners, NOVA Gas Transmission., TransCanadaPipeLines, and Westcoast Energy. “This decision allows El PasoEnergy to continue focusing on its core businesses, includingnatural gas transmission, gas gathering and processing, energymarketing, and international project development,” said Graciela E.Martinez, El Paso vice president.

June 30, 1998

Gemini Partners Moving Ahead in Gulf

Texaco and Chevron are proceeding on a fast track with a $185million subsea production system for their Gemini prospect, asubsalt project in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico expected to yieldup to 300 Bcf of gas and four million barrels of condensate.

March 17, 1998

Grays Ferry Partners Battle Over Purchase Agreement

Trigen Energy announced it is mounting a legal battle to forcePECO Energy to honor terms of a Gray’s Ferry power purchaseagreement. Trigen said the Grays Ferry Cogeneration Partnershipreceived a letter from PECO saying the Pennsylvania utility couldnot pay the full contract price for electricity from the 150 MWcogeneration plant. The plant sells electricity to PECO and steamto Trigen-Philadelphia Energy. It is located in Philadelphia andwent into commercial operation earlier this year. Ironically,Exelon, a wholly owned subsidiary of PECO Energy, is a one-thirdowner in the project with Trigen and NRG Generating.

March 10, 1998
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