Cash Prices Drift a Little Lower in Quiet Market

Cash prices softened a bit Tuesday in mostly featureless tradingas major markets in the Midwest and Northeast cooled off. Themajority of points saw prices ranging from flat to down about anickel with no single region standing out as especially strong orweak. About the only exception to that general rule wasintra-Alberta, which started off around Monday’s C$2.04-05 averagebut quickly ramped up to near the top end of Monday’s range andwound up gaining about a nickel overall, a marketer reported. Forwhatever reason provincial field receipts have been lower thanexpected this week, she said, although only a few plants are stillundergoing annual turnaround maintenance.

July 29, 1998

PNGTS, Maritimes Begin Laying Pipe

Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS) and Maritimes& Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C. (Maritimes) successfully crossedthe first major engineering hurdle in constructing their jointpipeline facilities, which represent the southernmost portion ofeach company’s pipeline system. The joint facilities eventuallywill bring more than 600 MMcf/d of Canadian gas to New Englandmarkets.

June 2, 1998

Iroquois, Duke, Williams Launch Northeast Pipeline

Duke Energy, Iroquois Pipeline and Williams Cos. have teamed upto build a $240 million gas pipeline, called the LighthousePipeline, to extend under Long Island Sound to southernConnecticut. The pipeline would transport U.S. and Canadian naturalgas from Williams’ Transco pipeline, Duke’s Algonquin and TexasEastern pipelines and the Iroquois pipeline to new generationprojects in Southern Connecticut. It’s also expected to facilitatedevelopment of other power generation projects on Long Island.

April 30, 1998

Maritimes Requests 1-Year Delay for Phase I

There’s no point in opening the valves on a new pipeline if noone is there to take the gas, Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline toldFERC this week. The pipeline said its only shipper, affiliate DukeEnergy, has backed out of Phase I of its project, deferring itsrequest for 60 MMcf/d of firm transportation until Nov. 1, 1999. Asa result, Maritimes has requested it be allowed to extend itsin-service date by a year and defer cost-recovery while movingforward on construction of most of the system.

April 1, 1998
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