Execs, Bliley Want FERC to Have More Power

A number of top energy executives lined up last week to lendtheir support to House Commerce Committee Chairman Thomas J.Bliley’s (R-VA) draft proposal that would give FERC solejurisdiction over all interstate transmission in the United States— including the transmission associated with bundled retailtransactions, as well as the interstate facilities operated byBonneville Power Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority,cooperatives, municipals and utilities in Texas.

June 12, 2000

Producers, Industrials Oppose TransCanada’s Rates

Both sides of the Canadian natural gas market have lined upsolidly against the first attempt by the pipeline establishment toadapt to the budding era of competition in delivery services northof the border with the United States.

January 4, 2000

Independence, MarketLink Take a Beating at FERC

As T-shirted crowds of opponents and proponents lined the hallsof FERC yesterday, a small army of congressmen, staterepresentatives, local politicians and landowner representativesunloaded an arsenal on the $1.3 billion Independence/MarketLinkpipeline project, which would transport up to 1 Bcf/d of gas acrossOhio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to New York City. It wasstrikingly clear that no pipeline project in history has been morestaunchly opposed.

September 30, 1999

Municipals Paying Now For Gas Later

For municipal gas buyers, the stars are lined up just right for striking a deal on supply. Low interest rates on municipal bonds and low gas prices have led to a rash of long-term prepaid transactions.

December 28, 1998
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