Dearth of Fundamentals Keeps Market in Tight Spot

The natural gas futures market made it a ‘perfect ten’ yesterdayby trading within a tight 14-cent range for the tenth consecutivetrading session. The August contract showed promise early, racingout to a strong start and posting a $2.239 high. That, however,would be the best the market could do Tuesday. It then wilted underselling pressure in the afternoon. The prompt month finished at$2.198, down 0.9 on the day.

July 21, 1999

Range-Bound Market Keeps Traders Guessing

The futures market began the week in much the same fashion thatit concluded last week-quiet, range-bound trading where neitherbull nor bear could make much of an impact. After notching up to a$2.23 high late in the session Monday, the August contract filteredlower to settle at $2.207, a 2-cent gain for the day.

July 20, 1999

Range-Bound Trade Keeps Bulls and Bears Guessing

For the third session in a row, natural gas futures see-sawed toeither side of unchanged yesterday as traders eschewed eitherbuying or selling the market outside of its recent trading range.After etching out a $2.34 low Tuesday morning, speculative buyingwas once again seen trying to push the July contract throughresistance at $2.40. But resistance held and the contract sank backto finish at $2.367, a 0.5-cent decline on the day.

June 16, 1999

Texaco Rejects Chevron; Keeps to Solo Path

Thanks, but no thanks. Texaco continues to go it alone after turning down a merger offer from Chevron last week.

June 7, 1999

Eastern Markets Level Off While West Keeps Falling

An Arctic cold front spreading through the nation’s midsectionwas enough to arrest a late December slide in cash prices Tuesday,at least in Eastern markets, which tended to be flat to slightlyhigher. But except for essential flatness at Waha and the PermianBasin, most of the West fell by about a dime or more, topped by adrop of almost 30 cents at Stanfield.

December 30, 1998

CERI Optimistic on Canadian Supplies

Canadians are wasting no time making sure production capacitykeeps up with increases in demand for natural gas that pipelineprojects are expected to generate over the next two years,according to an annual deliverability survey released last week bythe Canadian Energy Research Institute. Not even this year’s 30%drop in oil prices hurt producer revenues and budgets enough toslow down gas development.

October 26, 1998

Intense Heat Keeps Pressure on Futures Prices

The July Nymex futures contract crept up another 2.9 cents tosettle Tuesday at $2.391, as hot weather and subsequent strong cashmarket prices continued to support the futures strip. July reacheda high of $2.41 on the day, which is just 2 cents shy of its nextresistance level. However, one source feels the spot month may havetrouble breaking that level in regular trading today since heexpects many traders to stay on the sidelines in anticipation ofthe latest AGA storage report, to be released this evening.

June 24, 1998
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