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Texas Electricity Generation to Cushion Demand

Here’s the opening line by the Texas Chamber of Commerce in anybids to lure West Coast business: by this summer, the completionand continued construction of new generation plants in Texas willcreate an electricity supply about 23% higher than peak firmdemand.

February 5, 2001

It May Look Like Spring, But Price Slide Still Ends

Despite spring-like weather here, there and almost everywhere,this week’s price erosion came to a halt Thursday as many pointsturned in flat performances and a few managed small rallies.

February 25, 2000

Timid Futures Show Slight Drop

Here today; gone tomorrow was the prevailing mentality in thefutures arena yesterday when the coldest temperatures of the yearwere more than offset by forecasts calling for a warm-up by earlynext week. And as has been the case for most of the month, it wascash prices that not only led the way for the futures market, butalso notched a larger change on the day-where the January contracttrickled down, 2.2 cents to settle at $1.925, cash prices sank by adime on many pipes.

December 23, 1998
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