Utility Puts Customers in Driver’s Seat

Responding to one of the early lessons from electricityderegulation efforts in California and other states, Bellevue,WA-based Puget Sound Energy announced last week (Sept. 27) it istaking steps to eventually give all of its customers the tools toshift their energy use away from the highest-priced, peak-demandperiods. Elected and regulatory officials in other states likeCalifornia have already said that this so-called”demand-responsiveness” for customers is the one essentialingredient that is missing in their drives to create competitiveretail electric markets.

October 2, 2000

Gains, But Lose Some in Late Trades

Cash prices gave their best efforts Tuesday at imitating theprevious day’s screen rise of slightly over 35 cents, and quite afew points came close. But when the initially firmer July futurescontract made an abrupt about-face at mid-morning Tuesday andheaded south to eventually wind up the day more than a dime lower,cash numbers dutifully followed the screen’s lead once again inlate trading.

June 7, 2000

Sierra Pacific Fights NV Power Deregulation Efforts

Alleging the law that created the framework for a deregulatedelectric market in Nevada will be detrimental and unfair to theirstockholders and their customers, Nevada Power and Sierra PacificPower filed in federal court last week to have the law declaredunconstitutional.

April 3, 2000

CMS Divests Interest in NJ Power Plant

Continuing with efforts to shed non-core assets and improve itsbalance sheet, CMS Energy Corp. announced an agreement yesterday tosell its 80% ownership of the 236 MW Lakewood Cogeneration ventureto Consolidated Edison for $94 million. The sale will result in a$182 million reduction of project debt from the CMS balance sheet.

March 22, 2000

TriState Sent to the Showers

TriState Pipeline notified FERC earlier this week that it willnot pursue further application efforts to build its proposed 650MMcf/d pipeline between Chicago, IL, and Dawn, ON. The notificationletter put an end to a troubled project that had once hoped todirectly compete with the Vector Pipeline.

January 21, 2000

BP-Amoco-Arco Deal Closely Screened by States

Three West Coast states are coordinating their efforts with theFederal Trade Commission to resolve the antitrust problemsassociated with BP-Amoco’s acquisition of Atlantic Richfield. Inthe event the issues can’t be worked out, the states said they willbring a lawsuit to block the $26 billion marriage.

November 30, 1999

Transportation Notes

PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest reported completing hydrotesting of its A-Line ahead of schedule. The project’s end restoredcapacity to best-efforts levels of 2,620 MMcf/d at Kingsgate and1,930 MMcf/d at Station 14 Friday.

April 12, 1999

Labor May Play Role in Filling CPUC Seats

Political forces are prevailing over economics in California’songoing efforts to finish the job of unbundling its natural gas andelectricity industries, and no one in the newly elected Gov. GrayDavis’s administration so far is getting involved, according toenergy industry observers in the state capital in Sacramento. As aresult, three months into 1999, the five-member California PublicUtilities Commission is operating with two vacant seats, stillawaiting gubernatorial appointments.

March 24, 1999

Despite Cold Temperatures Futures Tumble Again

After two brief rally efforts failed to produce higher prices,the futures market again came under selling pressure as moreprominent bearish fundamentals more than offset below-normal marketarea temperatures. And in a rare occurrence, the 4.1-cent loss seenin the prompt March contract was outpaced by more substantiallosses in the April, May, June and July contracts.

February 23, 1999

Columbia Found to be Misleading in Michcon Pilot Program

Columbia Energy took a hit Wednesday as the Michigan AttorneyGeneral stepped in to halt one of Columbia’s marketing efforts. Dueto an objection by the Attorney General over the wording in a mailsolicitation sent to Michcon pilot program customers, Columbia hasconsented to end the solicitation and offer any customer it hassigned to an out. Currently, Columbia has signed 12,200 customersaway from Michcon.

February 4, 1999