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Gas Marketers Fare Poorly in Customer Survey

Natural gas marketers on average have done a poor job ofsatisfying their customers this year, according to a biennialreport issued by Mastio & Co. yesterday. Thirty six out of 77marketers got unsatisfactory report cards from their customers inthis area compared to 1997, it said, while only 16 marketers showedimprovement.

September 28, 1999

Storage Report May Depress Aftermarket

The April aftermarket was off to a very strong beginning inswing deals done Wednesday. Virtually every point was trading abovebidweek levels and in some cases much higher. For example, a buyerwho paid in the mid $1.70s for April baseload at the SouthernCalifornia border reported a $1.90-95 swing range. Most sourcesagreed that the incremental price strength derived almost entirelyfrom “following the screen” upward.

April 1, 1999

Price Changes Still Mixed as Market Settles Down

The hypervolatility in swing deals done Friday for Nov. 1-2 madeit difficult to gauge where the cash market was moving Monday. Butthe overall mix of flat to about a dime or so up or down (includingjust about all points in between) amounted to a general wash thattilted a little bit to the negative side, sources said. Besides,they added, it was generally a quiet day for most traders as theytook stock of bidweek and prospects for the upcoming days.

November 3, 1998

Internet Hastening Changes in Business

The Internet has spawned a revolution in the way business isdone that will not ignore the energy industry. In fact, the energyindustry is among the top businesses that will be impacted by theincreased use of the Internet for all types of transactions, saidSteven Bell, an analyst covering business trade and technologystrategies service for Forrester Research.

October 1, 1998

Aftermarket Strength Credited to Screen Run-Up

The April aftermarket got off to a running start with swingdeals being done Tuesday often 2-3 cents above bidweek averages,with a few points even stronger than that. Sources were virtuallyunanimous in attributing the cash strength to a further run-up onthe futures screen. In fact, traders were buzzing all day about thedizzying heights being hit by the May contract, often withquestions like, “What the heck is driving this thing?”

April 1, 1998
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