Chevron Joins the 1Q99 Loss Crowd

Chevron announced Thursday it lost 35% of its profits comparedto the same period in 1998. The company reported a net income of$329 million or $0.50/diluted share versus $507 million or$0.77/diluted share in 1998’s first quarter. The oil and gascompany sold oil at an average of under $10/barrel (a 20% drop form1Q98 prices) and gas at an average of $1.63/Mcf (a 22% drop from 1Q98).

April 23, 1999

Texaco Joins Ranks of Producer Cost-Cutters

Texaco joined the growing crowd of producers revising downwardcapital expenditures for 1999. The company said its 1999 capexwould total $3.7 billion, including subsidiaries and affiliates,down $600 million from its original $4.3 billion plan. Chevron,Arco and Unocal announced similar reductions last month.

January 11, 1999

Millennium Project to be Delayed Until November 2000

Millennium Pipeline yesterday joined a growing crowd of pipelineexpansions and projects that are being delayed until 2000. Thecompany informed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of therevised project schedule, which calls for some portions of the442-mile pipeline to be constructed in 1999, the balance beingbuilt the following year and service by November 2000. IndependencePipeline, a Millennium competitor, announced a similar delayearlier this year, and Alliance Pipeline said it too was forced toput off transportation services until winter 2000.

June 4, 1998
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