El Paso Case, CA Market Problems Tackled at House Hearing

In a congressional hearing that featured a thorough review of the El Paso market manipulation case and all the issues contributing to the serious natural gas market malfunction last year in California, FERC Chairman Pat Wood told a House Government Reform subcommittee chaired by Doug Ose (R-CA) that he does not see a need for new legislation.

October 17, 2001

EEA Lowers Price Projections

Industrial demand for natural gas is off about 6% from this time last year, a contributing factor to the continuing decline in gas prices, according to Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA), an Arlington, VA-based consulting firm.

August 2, 2001

Survey: Energy Traders Using More Information

The primary factor contributing to energy trading room successis information, which comes before risk management and workplacecultural factors, according to a Saladin survey of energy traders.Traders told Saladin they are using more information and analysisthan they did a year ago. Saladin predicted a year ago thatInternet usage would outpace traders’ predictions, which theinformation provider found to be the case with its latest survey.Also as predicted, there is an increased focus on risk managementand integrated systems. Three-quarters of traders reportedincreased use of the Internet. More than 20% of trading roomsimplemented new risk management systems over the last year, andnearly a third of those surveyed noted advances in sophistication;in implementation of value at risk; and in systems, controls andprocedures.

June 18, 1998
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