Analysts Generally Predict Price Woes for 1999

The recent rash of producer spending cuts (see related story)comes at a time when the message on prices from the analystcommunity is pretty gloomy, too. “There’s not much holding [gasprices] up,” said Thomas J. Woods, Ziff Energy vice president forU.S. Gas Services. Woods said Ziff has been warning its clientsthat current prices are not supportable. “We had put out some earlywarnings in July when prices first frayed, and we said that therewas a very significant possibility that this would go [on].”

January 8, 1999

Technical Rally Gets Boost from Storage

Expectations often differ from what actually comes to fruitionin the volatile arena of natural gas futures, and yesterday thatpoint was driven home when a bullish combination of slow-to-resumesupply outages met with a smaller-than-expected storage refill.Traders chased the market higher most of the day, and advances inthe evening computer trading Access session nearly matched theregular pit-trading gains. The November contract received thelargest boost, rocketing 16.8 cents to post a final trade of $2.515last night after briefly settling at $2.433 earlier in the day.

October 1, 1998

Sale of Trunkline Segment Comes Under Fire

A proposal of Trunkline Gas to sell one third of its mainlinegas system – about 720 miles – to an affiliate for transportationof ethane and other hydrocarbons came under heavy attack at FERCfrom the pipeline’s shippers this week.

August 28, 1998

Canadian Pipes, Producers Argue Nova Bypass

Peace lasted less than two months in the Canadian natural gascommunity. Now comes the hard part of its April 8 agreement onpipeline regulation and competition – thrashing out what it meansin a contest over a small project with big implications.

June 1, 1998
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