Futures Strength, Northern Chill Send Cash Higher

Cash quotes again moved higher Monday but mostly in smallamounts of less than a nickel, reacting to new strength in the gas,crude oil and heating oil futures contracts and getting some extrasupport from colder weather in major northern market areas.

March 14, 2000

Screen, Storage, Western Chill Drive Mild Rebound

Nearly all markets ranged from flat to just over a dime higherin post-weekend trading Monday, with most increases on either sideof a nickel. The stronger rises tended to occur mainly at westernpoints, while most of the very mild softness was at Northeastcitygates.

March 7, 2000

Transportation Notes

Reflecting the spread of East Coast chill further south, FloridaGas Transmission became the latest pipe to issue an OFO Friday.Citing significant market-area demand, FGT declared an OverageAlert Day notice for the system east of Station 12 in the FloridaPanhandle. It carried a 6% tolerance for negative daily imbalances.The pipeline also said it began maintenance Friday at Station 13.Until further notice the work will limit market-area deliveries to1.43 Bcf/d. Due to customer sourcing patterns having its SouthTexas, East Texas and M-1 (24-inch line) zones scheduled close tocapacity, Texas Eastern said Friday it is allowing due-shipperimbalance gas to be taken in those segments. All other servicepoints remain closed for taking due-shipper imbalances, Tetco said.

January 24, 2000

The Big Chill Puts Prices Back on Upward Track

Some Gulf Coast quotes were topping the $3 level Thursday ascash prices resumed climbing after Wednesday’s leveling-off period.Increases ranged from about a nickel in California to more than 15cents at New England citygates and on CNG in Appalachia. A risingfutures screen provided moderate support for cash, but thespreading of colder weather was the chief cause of the price gains,sources said. However, numbers were retreating in several marketsin late deals. A Gulf Coast producer was able to get only $2.90 ina very late Henry Hub trade after the point had been trading in thehigh $2.90s for most of the morning.

October 22, 1999

Western Warm-up Throws a Chill on Gas Prices

Cash prices staged a broad-based retreat Monday, giving up 3-5cents at most Eastern points with Western declines tending to belarger at a nickel or more. The market lost some of last week’sfundamental support as a warming trend started to develop in theWest, sources said. In addition, although the Henry Hub futurescontract for May later reversed field and achieved an overall gainfor the day, its weakness in the morning rubbed off on cashtrading.

April 13, 1999
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