Baker Hughes Earnings Off, Cutting Jobs

Baker Hughes said operating earnings before one-time charges forthe third calendar quarter will be roughly half of the 36cents/share Wall Street consensus. Baker Hughes, which merged withWestern Atlas last month , said continuing declines in activity inthe Western Hemisphere, emerging softness in several EasternHemisphere markets and modest price erosion due to activitydeclines are the reason.

September 28, 1998

Transco Admits MarketLink Contracts are ‘Non-traditional’

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line defended its 700 MMcf/dMarketLink project against charges it is not supported by themarket because many of its contracts with shippers contain rightsto terminate under certain circumstances. Singling out the protestsand “motions to reject” of CNG Transmission and ConsolidatedEdison, Transco reminded the Commission many of its agreements arenot unlike those filed to support other projects. A few contracts,about 34% of its capacity, are , however, a little different thanwhat has arrived at the Commission in the past, the pipelineacknowledged.

July 1, 1998
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