Group Calls For Demand-Side Market in PJM

Looking ahead to summer within the PJM Power Pool meansanticipating power shortages and price spikes. With virtually nonew generation coming on line for this summer, Pennsylvania publicinterest group PennFuture says it’s time to create a demand sidemarket for electricity and give consumers an incentive to conserve.

March 24, 2000

Transportation Notes

Anticipating that high system linepack will continue through theweekend due to low gas demand and limited storage injectioncapability, Tennessee Tuesday issued an OFO Action Alert to takeeffect with Thursday’s gas day. Customers under Rate Schedules SA,LMS-PA, LMS-MA and transportation contracts not covered by abalancing agreement must keep deliveries into the system less thanor equal to scheduled quantities plus 2% (or 500 dekatherms,whichever is greater); takes from the system must be more than orequal to scheduled quantities minus 2% or 500 dekatherms. Tennesseeexpects the alert to remain in effect into the start of next week.

November 24, 1999

BGE Shaking it Up For Deregulation

With Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.’s (BGE) deregulationsettlement in hand, parent Constellation Energy Group isanticipating the transfer of BGE non-nuclear generating plants andmaking organizational changes.

November 17, 1999

PacifiCorp Anticipating Earnings Shortfall

PacifiCorp said last week it expects its third-quarter earningswill be 50% below securities analysts’ expectations of $0.41/shareand its annual earnings will be significantly below analysts’forecast of $1.27 per share.

September 21, 1998

East Prices Fall as Expected, But West Holds Firm

A double-digit drop Tuesday on the futures screen had nearly allsources anticipating softer cash prices Wednesday. They were right,at least in Eastern markets where most points fell by amounts oneither side of a nickel. But markets in the West were surprisinglyfirm. With the exception of Permian Basin and Waha gas in theSouthwest, which joined the East in fallbacks of about a nickel,the West was essentially flat to a few cents higher.

June 18, 1998
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