NE Hub Hangs on Consultant’s Recommendations

Reed Consulting is scheduled to deliver analysis to FERC todaythat will decide the fate of the proposed NE Hub, a major saltcavern storage facility and market hub that would add 500 MMcf/d ofdaily deliverability to the gas grid in northern Pennsylvania. Butan eleventh-hour motion by CNG Transmission, a competitor of theproject, could influence and delay the outcome.

August 28, 1998


The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) saidmember companies plan to complete their Year 2000 (Y2K) computeranalysis, modification and testing by October and will havecontingencies in place should the new millennium bring problems.

June 12, 1998

Wholesale Changes Showing Up in Wholesale Power

An analysis of power marketing sales shows early signs ofconsolidation among power marketers, according to CarolynPengidore, managing director of energy risk management for ArthurAndersen. “I think we’re seeing wholesale changes in the wholesalemarket,” she told the Gas Mart/Power ’98 audience. “The fourthquarter brought a reshuffling among industry leaders based on salesvolume. I’ve called this a race because the leaders have changed ina single quarter,” said Pengidore.

May 11, 1998
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