Statoil Energy Looking for Strategic Partner

With the amount of capital driving today’s energy companies,Statoil Energy recently announced it is searching for a partner tobolster its resource base. A spokesman for the Virginia-basedenergy marketer said the process is moving quickly and the companyhopes to have found a partner by the end of the year.

April 27, 1999

Shocking Amount of New Generation Planned

The rush to build new gas-fired generation has become nothingless than a frenzy, according to a new report which shows thatsince summer the tally on new generation projects has grown 61% to59,000 MW. That’s up from 49,463 MW reported in late-September, and36,600 MW in July, said Resource Data International’s (RDI) EnergyInsight (EI), an Internet-based analytical service that keeps aclose watch on the power generation market.

November 23, 1998

ANR Exec Warns Against Overbuilding Pipelines

In preparing to meet an anticipated 30-32 Tcf market in the next10-12 years, the gas industry should build only the amount ofpipeline capacity that’s needed when it’s needed – no more, noless, said an executive with ANR Pipeline.

October 13, 1998

NGSA Gives Nod to EPA NOx Proposal

The Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA) voiced its support forfuel- and generation-neutral nitrogen oxide requirements proposedby the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

June 26, 1998
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