Ohio Customer Choice Programs Reach New Heights

The Ohio Public Utility Commission reported that 280,000 retailconsumers are buying gas from alternative suppliers, a 25% increasesince September. The percentage of eligible customers participatingin the three utility customer choice programs has risen to 21%(34,644 residential and small commercial customers) on East OhioGas, 8% (30,979) on Cincinnati Gas & Electric and 17% (216,900)on Columbia Gas. In total, 24,127 commercial customers and 258,396residential customers are participating.

November 25, 1998

OCS Regulation, Granite State Project Top FERC Agenda

FERC is scheduled to tackle two major cases today – “alternativemethods” for regulating pipeline facilities on the OuterContinental Shelf (OCS) and Granite State Gas Transmission’sapplication to build an LNG facility in the town of Wells, ME. Italso is expected to vote on the merger of Enova and PacificEnterprises.

May 27, 1998
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