Mexico Data Suite

trusted Mexican natural gas daily, monthly and forward prices driven by Mexican market fundamentals

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The leading independent Price Reporting Agency for the Mexican natural gas market, NGI's Mexico Data Suite offers daily and monthly (Bidweek) natural gas prices, as well as forward natural gas price curves at 43 locations within Mexico and along the border.
Why subscribe:
  • Market-trusted independent natural gas prices at 43 locations within Mexico and along the border
  • Daily Mexico prices
  • Monthly (Bidweek) Mexico prices
  • Forward natural gas price curves for Mexico, monthly contracts going out 10 years
  • Natural gas prices on competing pipelines at key pricing hubs within Mexico
  • Monthly Mexican Peso/U.S. Dollar exchange rate curve
How to access:

Who should subscribe:

  • Natural gas buyers and end-users in Mexico
  • Natural gas marketers
  • U.S. and Mexican natural gas producers
  • Mexican pipeline operators
  • Government and regulatory agencies
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