More natural gas storage is ready at the key Perryville Gas Storage LLC in northeastern Louisiana, which wants to ramp up service in a week, the company told FERC on Wednesday.

In its request, the Cardinal Gas Storage affiliate asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for authorization to place the second cavern into service by next Wednesday (June 14) [No. CP09-418-000; CP11-159-000; CP12-460-000; CP13-23-000].

The Perryville hub in Franklin Parish near Delhi has a current working gas capacity of 8.5 million Dth. The interstate system, initially designed to store gas from the Gulf of Mexico, as well as North Louisiana and Texas shale plays, interconnects with Columbia Gulf Mainline and Enable Gas Transmission’s Delhi Header.

FERC in late 2011 gave Perryville the go-ahead to expand the storage facilities at the Crowville Salt Dome. The two-cavern facility, is certificated for about 20 million Dth of working gas capacity.

Perryville was approved by FERC in early 2010 for working gas capacity of 15 Bcf, split equally between two caverns. Approval was given by the Commission to expand working capacity by 5 Bcf total, also split equally.

With one cavern in service, the interstate facility has peak withdrawal of 600 MMcf/d, which would double to 1.2 Bcf/d of peak deliverability when the second cavern is ramped up. Perryville held an open season in February and March to test support for the expanded capacity.