A New Era Webinar

This Event Took Place On Nov. 2nd, 2023

Join Natural Gas Intelligence and LSEG for an insightful webinar as they delve into the dynamic landscape of the U.S. natural gas market. Discover what's driving U.S. natural gas supply and demand, explore burgeoning demand for U.S. gas in Mexico as a result of nearshoring and massive infrastructure projects, and gain valuable insights into the rapid expansion of U.S. LNG projects.

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  • A deep dive into the nine new LNG export projects that are under construction across the continent and more than 40 others that are working to advance in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
  • Who are the major competitors for U.S. LNG supply and what is the global demand forecast?
  • How growing LNG exports are creating increasing volatility in domestic prices, particularly in the United States, where the buildout is most robust.
  • The impacts to demand centers as they increasingly compete for supplies with LNG facilities along the Gulf Coast.
  • What are major upstream players saying about breakeven costs?
  • How Mexico is becoming an important piece of the North American gas picture.
  • As Mexico develops new pipelines, LNG projects, combined cycle plants, storage facilities and new and retrofitted refineries, how will this effect supply and demand in the U.S.?



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