The U.S. natural gas rig count slid two units to 90 during the week ending Friday (Feb. 12), while continued growth in the oil patch propelled the combined domestic tally higher, according to the latest figures from Baker Hughes Co. (BKR).

baker hughes Feb. 12

After a seven-rig increase in oil-directed drilling, the combined U.S. count rose to 397 for the week, 393 units shy of the 790 rigs active in the year-ago period, according to the BKR numbers, which are based in part on data provided by Enverus.

Land drilling increased by four rigs for the week, while the Gulf of Mexico added one rig to climb to 17 overall, down from 23 a year ago. Three vertical units and two horizontal units were added in the United States, while the total number of directional rigs remained unchanged at 18.

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