NGI Mexico GPI


1) Transport rates for U.S. interstates, SISTRANGAS, and other Mexico pipelines taken from electronic bulletin boards (EBBs). However, Texas intrastate pipelines do not have EBBs, so our transportation costs for these are an estimates. For more information on which charges we include in these fees, please see the below note.

2) Calculated Monterrey price would be the same as Los Ramones, and calculated El Encino would be the same as Torreon, if we had used the SISTRANGAS tariff, since SISTRANGAS is a zone based system.

3) U.S. gas is not likely to be delivered to Cactus or Salina Cruz, but these represent a theoretical delivered price in Zonas Sur and Istmo.

Note: All prices published in this chart represent the delivered cost of gas at the listed locations based on adding tariff rates to U.S. spot market prices, as listed above. The formulas we use are based on effective tariffs and are subject to change as pipeline tariffs are revised. We only include variable charges from U.S. interstates (El Paso Natural Gas, North Baja, Sierrita Pipeline, and Tennessee Pipeline), while we include both variable and demand charges from U.S. intrastate lines (Kinder Morgan Texas, NET Mexico) and Mexico pipes (SISTRANGAS, KM Mexico, Ojinaga-El Encino, and Topolobampo Pipelines). Mexico prices are "citygate" equivalents, and do not include distribution system costs. $U.S./MMBtu converted to MX/Gj using the exchange rate listed in the sub-title, plus a conversion rate of 1.055056. 

For more information about this chart, please refer to our Mexico Gas Price Index methodology, which you can find here.