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Evolving Liquefied Natural Gas Market

  • Tracking LNG Developments from Siting to First Cargo
  • Insights on Global LNG Demand and the Sector's Future
  • Analysis of Worldwide LNG Trading Impacts on North American Markets
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U.S. LNG Export Tracker

  • Feeder gas pipeline flows to US L48 LNG Export Terminals
  • Tracks daily Volume, Capacity and Utilization rate for each of the Six U.S. Operational Facilities
  • 10-day History (graphically) and YTD 2019 (xls)
  • Updated Daily
  • Access U.S. LNG Export Tracker

Gulf Coast LNG Netback Prices

  • Netback prices are free-on-board, better capturing the value of LNG sold on the U.S. Gulf Coast
  • Includes 12-month forward strip for U.S. LNG Gulf Coast netback prices
  • Updated Daily
  • View Gulf Coast LNG Netback Prices

Daily Prompt Oil Linked Asia Parity Prices

  • Lists the current spot market value of LNG delivered to Asia
  • Includes current Asian LNG-to-crude oil price slopes, which help show how much more Asian LNG prices could rise
  • Updated Daily
  • View Daily Prompt Oil Linked Asia Parity Prices

Prompt Month Global NatGas Futures Settlements

Fearnleys LNG Spot LNG Vessel Rates

  • Provides spot market vessel rates and related charges for steam turbine, TFDE, and two stroke vessels (XDF & MEGI) in both the Atlantic (West) and Pacific (East) Basins
  • Updated Daily
  • View Fearnleys Spot LNG Vessel Rates

Fearnleys LNG Freight Costs

  • LNG freight cost calculations for certain key routes throughout the world, classified by the three propulsion classes
  • Updated Daily
  • View Fearnleys LNG Freight Costs

Current & Historical LNG Flow Data Available

  • Rolling 7-day history of natural gas pipeline deliveries to each of the major operating U.S. LNG export facilities, broken out by feeder pipeline
  • Excel-ready format
  • New data become available each day by 12:30 pm ET
  • Download Sample LNG Flows Data

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