The dry gas-rich Haynesville Shale added another three rigs during the week ending Friday, according to Baker Hughes Inc. (BHI).

The North Louisiana play saw the return of three rigs, putting it at 26 active, which is just shy of the year-ago tally of 28 rigs running. Despite gains in the north, Louisiana dropped four rigs for the week to end at 48 running.

Texas and the Permian Basin again led among states and plays, respectively, in the return of U.S. land-based drilling rigs.

The Lone Star State and the largely West Texas play each saw the return of seven rigs. The Permian tally of active rigs now stands at 235, comfortably above the year-ago level of 217 active rigs. Texas, with 286 rigs running, has a ways to go before it gets back to its year-ago level of 333 rigs.

In the United States, six land-based rigs came back, offset by the departure of one each from the inland waters and the offshore for a net gain of four. Three oil-directed rigs came back, joined by one natural gas rig. Ten horizontals returned, offset by the departure of six vertical units.

Canada added 26 rigs to end at 200 and combined with the U.S. count made for a North America tally of 797 rigs running, up 30 from a week prior. In Canada, six oil rigs came back along with 20 natural gas rigs.

Alberta charted a 19% gain in activity (from 108 to 128 rigs), while drilling in British Columbia was up by 44% (from 16 to 23 rigs).

Back in the Lone Star State, the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) released preliminary production figures for September. Preliminary data show production was 71.40 million bbl of crude oil and 561.24 Bcf of total gas from oil and gas wells. These figures are based on volumes reported by operators and will be updated as late and corrected production reports are received.

Preliminary September crude oil production averaged 2.38 million b/d, compared to the 2.43 million b/d average of September 2015. Preliminary September total natural gas production averaged 18.71 Bcf/d compared to the 20.67 Bcf/d average of September 2015.

Monthly production reported to the RRC for the same period last year was 72.85 million bbl of crude oil, which was later updated to a current figure of 87.68 million bbl; and 620.19 Bcf of total gas, which was later updated to a current figure of 724.24 Bcf.

In the last 12 months, total Texas reported production was 995 million bbl of crude oil and 8.1 Tcf of total gas, RRC said. Crude oil production is limited to oil produced from oil leases and does not include condensate, which is reported separately.

Last September’s production came from 181,659 oil wells and 93,176 gas wells.