Halliburton Co. and VoltaGrid LLC have clinched a multi-year contract with Aethon Energy Management LLC to deploy an all-electric fracturing solution in the Haynesville Shale.

The project combines Halliburton’s all-electric fracturing spread, which uses the Zeus 5,000 hp electric pumping unit, with VoltaGrid’s power generation system, which offers real-time emissions tracking.

“All-electric fracturing represents an exciting approach to our overall strategy to reduce emissions in our operations,” said Aethon COO Paul Sander. The project would provide a “more sustainable fracturing solution” to enable enhanced operational efficiencies.

Aethon is a series of private companies primarily engaged in developing and exploring gassy properties. It is one of the largest privately-held Haynesville producers. 

“We understand the importance of efficiency in high performing fracturing operations,” said Halliburton’s Michael Segura, vice president of Production Enhancement. The all-electric fracturing solutions “significantly reduce fuel costs and emissions for our customers.”

Halliburton is the No. 1 completions company in North America.

During the conference call to discuss second quarter performance in April, Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller said the Houston oilfield services giant was working to provide the “technological differentiation and digital innovation” to advance the low emission solutions that customers were demanding.

Electric pumps and fracture stimulation equipment were at the time commanding a premium price in the Permian Basin, Miller noted.

Halliburton early this year said it deployed the industry’s first electric grid-powered fracturing operation in the Permian Basin for Cimarex Energy Co. The work started last November. 

Halliburton’s electric-powered equipment is engineered to achieve pumping performance of 30-40% percent higher than with conventional equipment.

Houston-based VoltaGrid, founded in 2020, is an advanced energy management and generation company that has developed an innovative platform to provide power, energy storage and emissions reductions for the pressure pumping, remote mining, utility and distributed generation industries. Its artificial intelligence platform provides real-time emissions tracking, asset carbon intensity, automated back-office management, as well as information for environmental, social and governance reporting.

Reducing emissions is the goal of many energy operators, including Aethon. In June, the Dallas-based private partnered with a group of Lower 48 producers and liquefied natural gas export leader Cheniere Energy Inc. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from wells. The project, initially to cover wells producing 360 MMcf/d of natural gas, also includes Ascent Resources Utica LLC, EQT Corp., Indigo Natural Resources LLC and Pioneer Natural Resources Co. 

Aethon last year teamed up with Black Stone Minerals LP to restart some activity in Angelina County in East Texas within the Shelby Trough of the Haynesville/Bossier formation. Beyond the Haynesville, Aethon also is working with Burlington Resources Oil and Gas Co. LP in Wyoming to develop up to 4,250 oil and gas wells in the Moneta Divide Project.