Gulfport Energy Corp.’s first operated wells in the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) continued to perform over their first 30 days online, the company said Wednesday.

The Vinson 2, with an initial production (IP) rate of 14.9 MMcfe/d when it came online last month, has produced at an average 30-day peak rate of 15.7 MMcfe/d. The Vinson 3R, which IP’d at 17.2 MMcfe/d, has produced at an average 30-day peak rate of 18.7 MMcfe/d. Gulfport acquired the SCOOP acreage earlier this year withthe purchase of Vitruvian II Woodford LLC. Vitruvian had drilled the Vinson wells but not completed them.

The Woodford Shale wells in Grady County have produced mostly natural gas. Average 30-day production from the Vinson 2 was 79% weighted to gas, 19% to natural gas liquids and 2% oil. Vinson 3R production over 30 days averaged roughly the same ratio.

The Oklahoma City-based producer acquired 85,000 net acres in the SCOOP acquisition that are said are prospective for multiple horizons. Up to 18 operated wells are planned this year, with 16 expected to be turned to sales. While Gulfport is focusing mostly on the Woodford, it also plans to test the Springer and Sycamore formations. Currently it has four rigs running in Oklahoma.

Gulfport’s Utica Shale operations continued to drive output during the first quarter, accounting for 751 MMcfe/d of 850 MMcfe/d total produced.