In the article titled “Harvey Saps Estimated 1 Bcf/d from U.S. Exports to Mexico,” NGI incorrectly stated that Genscape Inc.’s Rick Margolin said the NET Mexico system appeared to be the only natural gas pipeline affected by Hurricane Harvey. Margolin actually said it was only South Texas exports that were affected, which would be broader than only the NET pipeline. TGP exports dropped substantially and were only being partially offset by increased flows on Tetco. All other U.S. exports out of Waha, AZ, and SoCal were unaffected. NGI regrets the error.

In the article titled “Industry Continuing To Assess Harvey’s Impact; Bidweek Prices Modestly Lower,” it states that in 2005, hurricanes Katrina/Rita temporarily shut-in 8 Bcf/d of demand and permanently destroyed 1.7 Bcf/d of demand. Hurricanes Gustav/Ike in 2008 temporarily shut-in more than 7 Bcf/d of demand and around 1 Bcf/d was permanently destroyed. This statement was based on a report from Genscape Inc. which has indicated the report contained a typo and that it was actually supply (not demand)that was shut-in and permanently destroyed during all of those storms.