In its latest update about the explosion and fire on Texas Eastern pipeline’s Penn-Jersey line in the M3 Zone,Spectra Energy Corp. said work is progressing to restore capacity through the Delmont compressor station. The blast in Southwest Pennsylvania caused serious property damage and sent one resident to the hospital (see Daily GPI, April 29). After the explosion, flows beginning at the Delmont compressor — the western boundary of the M3 zone — were cut to zero, with flows affected eastward. About 1 Bcf/d of natural gas flows on the system have been cut (see Daily GPI, May 2). Spectra said in an update that some capacity through the compressor could be available sometime during the week of May 9. The company said it continues to work with federal regulators investigating the incident. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has issued a corrective action order to the company requiring it to determine the cause of the incident and ensure the safety of three pipelines that run parallel to the one that ruptured. The cause remains unclear, but PHMSA indicated in its order that corrosion was the likely cause (see Daily GPI, May 4). According to the order, the blast left a crater 30 feet wide, 50 feet long and 12 feet deep. The explosion, the order said, launched about 25 feet of the 30-inch pipeline 100 feet from the site of the explosion.