The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a right-of-way that allows the city of Green River, UT, to build a new natural gas pipeline to tap supply from a nearby processing plant, the agency said this week.

BLM’s Moab Field Office approved the right-of-way, allowing for the construction of a six-inch diameter pipeline in Grand and Emery counties, UT. The line would connect the city of Green River to an interconnect with Pacific Energy & Mining Co.’s existing Greentown Gas Processing Facility.

Green River City applied to build the project to “provide a less expensive and more reliable source of energy to its residents and businesses.”

According to BLM, the proposed pipeline corridor mostly runs next to existing roads, and the plans include “a number of resource protection measures, including avoiding construction during critical pronghorn fawning and raptor nesting seasons.”

Green River City must still obtain authorizations from other affected landowners and satisfy other conditions before construction can begin.

Emery County overlies Utah’s Paradox Basin, which has traditionally been known more for conventional oil and gas production.