EQT paid a fine of more than $330,000 for erosion and sedimentation control violations at two well sites in southwest Pennsylvania, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said on Tuesday.

A DEP inspection in February 2018 revealed that “sediment-laden water” from unstabilized portions of the Prentice and Fetchen wells sites in Allegheny County had overtopped numerous controls. DEP said the water flowed from the Prentice site into roadside ditches and into an unnamed tributary.

The inspection also showed that a proposed access road from the Prentice site to a meter station that the company was working with DEP to authorize had already been built without a permit. Numerous erosion and sedimentation controls were also found to be inoperable or ineffective. The agency said it collected $330,775 in civil penalties from the company. 

EQT fixed the problems at the Prentice site by May 2018, and the DEP approved a modification to permit the access road. Violations at the Fetchen site were corrected by November.