Domestic dry gas production in February was 74.2 Bcf/d (2,077 Bcf), a 6.7 Bcf/d increase compared with February 2014 and a 600 MMcf/d increase compared with January, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Marketed natural gas production in February was 2.20 Tcf, according to EIA's latest Natural Gas Monthly, compared with 2.00 Tcf in February 2014. The heavy hitter was the "Other States" category, which includes several of the nation's shale-rich states, where marketed gas production was 906.7 Bcf, compared with 762.0 Bcf in the year-ago period. But there were increases in several other regions as well: Texas reported 612.0 Bcf (compared with 560.6 Bcf a year earlier); Oklahoma 181.8 Bcf (compared with 165.1 Bcf); Federal Gulf of Mexico 96.8 Bcf (compared with 93.7 Bcf); and New Mexico 95.2 Bcf (compared with 92.2 Bcf).

Declines were reported in Louisiana (148.3 Bcf, compared with 155.3 Bcf in February 2014), Wyoming (134.3 Bcf, compared with 139.9 Bcf) and Alaska (27.5 Bcf, compared with 28.1 Bcf).

EIA has said it expects natural gas marketed production to increase 2.9 Bcf/d (3.8%) this year and 1.7 Bcf/d (2.2%) next year (see Daily GPI, Feb. 10).

Consumption of natural gas in increased in February too, reaching 2.96 Tcf (105.7 Bcf/d), a 6.6% decrease compared with 2.76 Tcf (98.5 Bcf/d) in February 2014, EIA said. Consumption by power generators increased significantly compared to February 2014 to reach 650 Bcf (23.2 Bcf/d) from 19.6 Bcf/d in the year ago period, followed by residential (903 Bcf, or 32.3 Bcf/d, up 5.9% from the previous year) and commercial (516 Bcf, or 18.4 Bcf/d, a 5% increase). Industrial consumption was 661.2 Bcf (23.61 Bcf/d) in February, up less than 1% compared with February 2014.

Gross withdrawals for February were estimated at 2.58 Tcf, an 8.1% increase compared with 2.37 Tcf in February 2014.

EIA said total net U.S. natural gas imports were 104 Bcf in February, compared with 107 Bcf a year earlier.