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Includes deals done at the Opal Hub in Lincoln County, WY. Our index also contains deals done at the Muddy Creek Compressor station, and the Pioneer, Hams Fork, and Roberson Creek receipt points along Kern River Pipeline. Connecting pipelines in the Opal area include Kern River, Northwest, Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG), Rockies Express, Questar, Overthrust Pipeline, and Wyoming Interstate Company (WIC).

NatGas Cash Eases, Bears Unfazed by EIA Storage Data; August Drops 2 Cents

Natural gas for delivery Friday retreated from gains made earlier in the week as firm pricing in the Midwest, Midcontinent, Texas, and Louisiana was crushed by a weak next-day power market in the Northeast and Marcellus-focused issues in Appalachia. The NGI National Spot Gas Average came in 3 cents lower at $2.92. Read More

‘Bullish Surprise’ Following Lean NatGas Storage Build

August futures gained ground following a report by the Energy Information Administration showing a natural gas storage injection that was less than what traders were expecting. Read More
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Stout Northeast Gains Lift NatGas Cash; August Futures Sag 2 Cents

Natural gas for delivery Thursday was mixed in Wednesday trading as outage-induced gains in the Northeast, along with firm pricing in the Midcontinent and Midwest, were able to counter weakness in the Rockies, Appalachia and West Texas. Read More

Exuberant NatGas Cash Tugs Futures Higher; August Adds 4 Cents

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery vaulted higher Monday as forecasts called for hefty gains in energy demand and next-day power prices rose. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Drift Higher In Uninspired Trading; August Adds 2 Cents

Summer Doldrums were in full force during Friday natural gas trading for weekend and Monday delivery. Modest gains in Appalachia, the Northeast, and Texas were offset somewhat by flat pricing at most other market points. Read More

NatGas Futures Float Higher Following EIA Storage Data

August natural gas futures inched higher Thursday morning once the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection for the week ending July 7 that was slightly less than what traders were expecting. Read More

July Typically Warmest Month, But Weekly NatGas Prices Decline

For the holiday-abbreviated Wednesday-Friday natural gas trading week weather factors kept traders on their toes as searing heat in California lifted prices, but broader declines throughout the rest of the nation dampened market hopes that weather-driven gains would be in full swing by now. Read More

NatGas Cash Weakens; EIA Storage Stats Put Futures Bulls On The Defensive

Physical natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery ended the week on a soft note as weak pricing in California and the Rocky Mountains dominated otherwise nominal price changes at Midwest market points as well as in producing zones. TheNGI National Spot Gas Average dropped 2 cents to $2.63. Read More

August NatGas Futures Little Fazed By Plump Storage Build

August futures showed great resilience Friday morning following an Energy Information Administration storage report that by all accounts was bearish in nature and well above industry estimates. Read More
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Western NatGas Cash Gains Stifled By Broader Losses; Futures Firm Ahead of Storage Stats

Soaring California physical prices and gains in Appalachia and the Rockies Thursday were checked... Read More