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Includes transactions to delivery points within the Algonquin system. Excludes gas deliveries into Algonquin from connecting pipelines, as that is a separate index.

December NatGas Rebounds After Bearish Week; Spot Market Not Sweating Cold Forecast

Natural gas futures rebounded Friday on a colder medium-range weather outlook after retreating for most of the week. In the spot market, a cold system that was expected to move in over the weekend wasn't enough to spur buyer interest in locking in three-day deals, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 6 cents to $2.91/MMBtu. Read More

December NatGas Threatens to Fill Gap After Brushing Off Tight Storage Stats; $2.98-3.00 in Play

Natural gas futures couldn't muster a move higher Thursday even as the season's first storage withdrawal came in slightly tighter than market expectations. Flattish demand held the spot market in check, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 4 cents to $2.97. Read More

EIA Reports Winter's First Withdrawal; NatGas Bulls Not Impressed

The Energy Information Administration reported the first storage withdrawal of the season Thursday, but natural gas bulls seemed unimpressed even as the final number came in slightly tighter than market expectations. Read More

December NatGas Retreats Further on Warmer European Model; Spot Market Spills Red Ink

The recent pullback in natural gas futures continued Tuesday as disagreement between the major weather models pointed to warmer risks through the remainder of November. Meanwhile, flat-to-lower demand in most regions following the recent cold blast had the spot market awash in red ink, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 9 cents to $2.99. Read More

December NatGas Retreats on Volatile Weather Outlook; Cash Down on Easing Demand

Natural gas futures fell Monday as traders attempted to decipher a volatile weather outlook showing bearish risks later in the month, while the cash market adjusted to a falloff in demand from last week's cold blast. Driven by a sharp drop in New England spot prices, the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 8 cents to $3.08. Read More

Winter Arrives to Find NatGas Bulls Ready to Shake Off Shoulder Season Lull

Winter started during the week ended Nov. 10, at least as far as natural gas markets were concerned. Read More

NatGas Futures Gain to Cap Off Strong Week; Cash Falls With Warm-Up Ahead

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery traded in the red from coast-to-coast Friday amid a let-off in expected demand following a cold blast sweeping through the Northeast and Midwest. Northeast prices moderated from Thursday's weather-driven spikes as Midwest points fell by double digits, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average notched a 24-cent decline to end the week at $3.16. Read More

Trademark Winter Surge for Northeast NatGas Cash; Futures More Muted

A blast of late-week cold sweeping through the Northeast and Midwest meant all the action happened in the spot market Thursday; the Northeast flashed some trademark winter price spikes, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average finished at its highest level since January, adding 31 cents to $3.40/MMBtu. Read More

On-Target NatGas Storage Figure Triggers Some Profit-Taking

An on-the-nose natural gas storage figure from the Energy Information Administration Thursday triggered some selling in the December contract, with the market showing some disappointment that the actual number didn’t come in lower than consensus. Read More

Whispers of Lean NatGas Storage Help Prop Up December; Cash Bulls Out En Masse

Natural gas futures settled higher Wednesday, but some choppy action showed a skeptical market weighing expectations of a slim storage figure against a potential pullback following a late-week cold snap in the northern states that’s expected to come and go. Read More