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NGI's Houston Ship Channel Index is comprised of transactions within the "Houston Pipe Line Pool." Our index does not include deals at the "Golden Triangle" area of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange in Jefferson and Orange Counties, TX, nor does it include transactions at the refinery hub in Texas City, which is located in Galveston County, TX. We defer to the locations that ICE includes in its definition of the HPL Pool, which ICE lists as the following meter name and numbers: Air Liquide Bayport 988001 Air Products La Porte 981281 Air Products Pasadena Chemical 981418 Celanese Clear Lake 988018 Chevron Phillips Cedar Bayou 981024 Dow Deer Park 981506 Enterprise Mont Belvieu 981326 Equistar Channelview North 981373 Equistar Laporte Polymers 981553 ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery 981631 ExxonMobil Plastics Mont Belvieu 981379 Gulf Coast Fractionators 981389 Ineos Chocolate Bayou 981686 Ineos Deer Park 983409 Lanxess Baytown 981550 LCY Elastomers 981531 LyondellBasell Houston Refinery 981063 OptimAltura Channelview Cogen 981563 Oxy Vinyls Battleground Rd 981485 Oxy VinylsLaPorte 981444 San Jacinto Cogen 981554 Shell Deer Park Cogen 981581 Shell Deer Park East 981060 Shell Deer Park South 981095 Targa Mt Belvieu 981084 Valero Houston Refinery 981394 Valero Premcor 981511 ICE HSC HPL Pool meter 987342

California Weekly NatGas Soars While Appalachian Basin Quotes Languish

Although on balance weekly natural gas prices were unchanged for the week of Oct. 20, try telling that to traders working the SoCal Citygate or constricted Appalachian basins. Read More

NatGas Cash Plunges Ahead Of Mild Weekend; Futures Traders Sidelined

Natural gas buyers Friday were in no mood to commit to three-day deals given a well supplied market and expected moderate weekend weather conditions. Read More

NatGas Futures Stress Over Winter Outlook; Cash In Shoulder Season Lull

A perfect storm of demand-neutral shoulder season temperatures had day-ahead natural gas prices in the red at most points across the country Thursday, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 11 cents to $2.48/MMBtu, approaching the recent low of $2.41/MMBtu set at the beginning of the month. Read More

NatGas Cash Drops A Penny, Futures Rise 2 Cents In Slow Trading

It was a contest Tuesday to see whether natural gas cash or futures would take the crown of most lethargic. Declines in Appalachia, the Northeast, and California were met head on with firm pricing in Texas, Louisiana, and steady quotes in the Midwest and Midcontinent. The NGI National Spot Gas Average fell a penny to $2.66. Read More

California NatGas Cash Jumps Over $2, But Futures Glide Lower; November Loses A Nickel

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery soared as outage-driven strength in California along with robust gains in Appalachia and the Northeast were more than enough to counter broad weakness in Texas and Louisiana. The NGI National Spot Gas Average jumped 11 cents to $2.67 with plus-$2 advances at SoCal Citygate leading the charge higher. Read More

Weekly NatGas Cash Bounces Back, But Futures Post Greater Gains

In spite of a continued loss of seasonal heating load in key eastern markets, weekly natural gas prices managed nearly a dime gain overall. Breaking a string of two consecutive weekly setbacks, the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average added 8 cents to $2.57. Gains were not great, typically a nickel to a dime, and all regions advanced. Read More

Weekend NatGas Cash Edges Up A Bit; November Adds A Penny

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery rose in Friday's trading, with gains across a broad front, including New England, the Midwest, Midcontinent, Rockies and California, just able to offset weakness in the Mid-Atlantic. The NGI National Spot Gas Average gained a penny to $2.56. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Part Company As Bulls Embrace Plump EIA Storage Data

Natural gas for next-day delivery fell slightly in trading Thursday as an unplanned outage in the Midwest caused backups... Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Diverge As Traders Mull Minimal Heating Load

After a Friday drubbing of spot natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery, the market recovered in Tuesday trading as eastern prices got a boost from a firm next-day power price sector. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Ignore Looming TS Nate; November Sheds 6 cents

Natural gas for delivery over the weekend and Monday fell hard in Friday's trading as what is viewed as a well-supplied market proved no match for weakness extending from the Rockies and California to Texas, Louisiana, the Midcontinent, Midwest and Appalachia. The NGI Daily Spot Gas Average retreated 8 cents to $2.50. Read More