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Daily, Weekly and Bidweek Prices are in U.S.$/MMBtu except for locations in the Canada section which are in Cdn$/GJ. For more information, please see NGI's Price Methodology.

NGI's Natural Gas Forward Basis Prices are expressed in U.S.$/MMBtu and based on indicative data obtained from traders, exchanges and deals provided by energy companies. "Fixed Price" represent the forward prices of natural gas delivered for each reference period at the various locations/hubs. "Basis Price" represent the differential, for each reference period, between the Henry Hub and various locations/hubs. The Summer and Winter prices are simple averages of Apr-Oct (7 months) and Nov-Mar (5 months) respectively. "Bal Smr" and "Bal Wtr" prices represent simple averages of the remaining months in those seasonal strips (after at least one month has passed). For daily updates of these natural gas forward basis data in monthly bullets going out 5 years, contact sales at

NOVA/AECO C Description

Includes deals that are conducted anywhere within TransCanada's Alberta System, otherwise known as NOVA. NOVA charges a non-mileage based postage stamp rate to move gas along its system, called the NOVA Inventory Transfer (NIT), so theoretically, there is little difference in price for gas delivered anywhere within the NOVA grid. The AECO Hub is a trademarked name used to describe Niska Gas Storage's two facilities (Suffield and Countess), but the pricing point AECO C is a virtual point that has come to mean all gas that is traded along NOVA under the provisions of the NOVA Inventory Transfer service. Reported in $C/GJ.

Physical Natural Gas Market Climbs as Midwest Buyers Mull New Supplies; Futures Gain

Next-day physical natural gas continued to move higher Tuesday, though not at the double-digit pace of Monday. Gains of a nickel or more were widespread, but a few locations in the Marcellus and Rockies managed to slip into the loss column by a few pennies. Read More

Oppressive Heat Lifts NatGas Physical Market More Than A Dime; Futures Climb

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery bounded higher in Monday's trading as a blast of hot, humid weather hit major population centers in the East. Read More

NatGas Held To Narrow Moves In Weekly Trading; Futures Slide A Dime

Talk about a balanced market! In weekly trading all but a handful of points moved less than a nickel either side of unchanged. TheNGI Weekly Spot Gas Average eased a miserly 2 cents to $2.60, and even those actively traded points showing the greatest gains and losses had a hard time making meaningful double-digit moves. Read More

Broad Weakness More Than Offsets Eastern Gains; Futures Retreat 4 Cents

Both physical gas for the weekend and Monday as well as futures marched lower in Friday's trading. Read More

Physical NatGas Flat, But August Futures Drop 8 Cents on EIA Data

Traders elected to get their deals done ahead of the Energy Information Administration's storage report Thursday and may have dodged a bullet or two in the process. Read More

Bulls Blindsided by EIA Storage Stats

Natural gas futures initially jumped but quickly fell following the release of government inventory figures showing an increase in working gas storage that was less than what traders were expecting. Read More
Storage-Snapshot (1)

Gulf, Midwest, California Strength Largely Subdue East Weakness; Futures Gain

Physical gas for delivery Thursday worked lower with wide differences between regions. Overall, the market shed 2 cents to $2.70, but losses in the East and Northeast averaging about 20 cents were almost completely offset by broad, but smaller gains in the Gulf, Midcontinent, Midwest, Rockies and California. Read More

Broad Gains No Match For Eastern Declines; Futures Grind Higher

In Tuesday's next-day trading, broad gains from the Marcellus westward were unable to counter steep Northeast declines and the market fell 4 cents to $2.61. Read More

Strong East, Mid-Atlantic, California NatGas Carry The Day; Futures Retreat

Strong eastern and California markets were able to outweigh weakness in the Midwest and Midcontinent in next-day gas trading Monday. Eastern points were still feeling the effects of searing heat and humidity from the weekend, and most locations weren't expected to see any relief until at least Wednesday. Read More

Forecast Heat Prods Weekly Natural Gas Prices Higher; Futures Bulls Stirring

The first forecast jolt of major heat and humidity across major population centers was able to lift weekly prices across almost all delivery points. For the week ended July 17, the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average gained a solid 18 cents to $2.62, and only three market points, all in New York, fell into the red. Read More