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Includes deals that are conducted anywhere within TransCanada's Alberta System, otherwise known as NOVA. NOVA charges a non-mileage based postage stamp rate to move gas along its system, called the NOVA Inventory Transfer (NIT), so theoretically, there is little difference in price for gas delivered anywhere within the NOVA grid. The AECO Hub is a trademarked name used to describe Niska Gas Storage's two facilities (Suffield and Countess), but the pricing point AECO C is a virtual point that has come to mean all gas that is traded along NOVA under the provisions of the NOVA Inventory Transfer service. Reported in $C/GJ.

NatGas Cash Notches Overall Gain, Yet Futures Bears On Tear

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NatGas Cash Dives; Futures Bears Feeling The Love Following Stout Storage Report

Physical natural gas traders having no desire to subject their deals to the often volatile effects of the 10:30 am EDT release of storage data by the Energy Information Administration may have set the stage for a broad market shift lower by both futures and cash markets. Read More

NatGas Price Bears Get an Assist From Slightly Larger-Than-Expected Storage Build

Natural gas futures lost ground Thursday morning before and after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection that was greater than what traders and analysts were anticipating. Read More

Physical NatGas Surpasses Monday's 13-Cent Rise; Futures Drift Higher

Next-day physical natural gas continued to romp higher in Tuesday's trading with all but one point followed by NGI solidly in the black, often by double digits. Read More

Rebounding Physical NatGas Market Outpaces Sluggish Futures; November Drops 4 Cents

After the physical natural gas market took a 14 cent drubbing for weekend and Monday packages, the stage was set for a rebound in Monday's trading. Physical prices got most of it back, with the NGI National Spot Gas Average posting a 13-cent rise to $2.69 and healthy double-digit gains spread across the board. Read More

Weekly NatGas Gains Follow Prior Week Futures Advance

True to form, the near 30-cent advance in the November futures for the week ended Oct. 7 augured higher weekly cash prices the following week. For the week ended Oct. 14, the NGI National Weekly Spot Gas Index gained a healthy 16 cents to $2.67, but in an environment of "what have you done for me lately," traders will be watching to see if the futures advance of 9.2 cents for the week ended Oct. 14 will lift weekly cash quotes again. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Both Take A Breather Before Weekend; November Sheds 6 Cents

Three-day deals for weekend and Monday natural gas were a tough sell in Friday's trading, and anyone trading New England next-day markets saw prices decline by more than a dollar. Read More

Bulls Riding High on Heels of NatGas Storage Data

Natural gas futures gained ground Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection that was less than what traders and analysts were anticipating. Read More

NatGas Cash Heads North, Futures Slip South; November Drops 3 Cents

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery on average gained ground in trading Wednesday, but declines in the Rockies and California had to be offset by healthy advances at New England points. The NGI National Spot Gas Average gained 4 cents to $2.73, but futures found the going more arduous. Read More