Traders Mull Increasing Production; Physical NatGas Eases, March Adds 3 Cents

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery took a minor loss while March futures took a minor gain in trading Wednesday. Temperature forecasts continued on the mild side, leaving little incentive for buyers to purchase incremental volumes, and in the same vein, futures traders saw little reason to pursue a bullish position with the market on the downside of the temperature demand slope. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Steady Ahead of Storage Data; March Adds Couple Pennies

Most physical points moved only a little in Wednesday natural gas trading for next-day delivery as weather forecasts in the East showed falling temperatures and the Midwest was expected to see sharply rising temperatures. The NGI National Spot Gas Average added 4 cents to $2.83, and most of the day's price movement was confined to eastern points. Read More