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Trump Signs Executive Order Marking Shift Away From Climate Change
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Trump Signs Executive Order Marking Shift Away From Climate Change

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March 28, 2017


NatGas Cash Softens, But Futures Seen With Three to Four More Weeks of Upside

Daily GPI
Physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery inched lower in Tuesday trading as energy demand in key eastern market was largely unchanged and power prices softened.

Demand Seen Firming, Yet April Called A Penny Lower

Daily GPI
April natural gas is set to open a penny lower Tuesday morning at $3.04 as heating load is forecast to be below normal levels and traders sense a weakening technical picture. Overnight oil markets rose.

NatGas Cash Ambles Higher; Futures Traders Eyeing Sell Side

Daily GPI
Only a single market point fell into the loss column in Monday's trading for Tuesday physical natural gas, and most points outside the Northeast added about a nickel. Temperatures were expected to be at or slightly below normal in major eastern and Midwest markets, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average rose 7 cents to $2.81.

Risk Managers Skeptical, But April Called 4 Cents Higher

Daily GPI
April natural gas is expected to open 4 cents higher Monday morning at $3.12 as traders factor in uncertain but cooler weather patterns and the market continues to exhibit technical strength. Overnight oil market eased.

Eastern Weakness Tugs Weekly NatGas Lower, Yet Futures Gain

NGI Weekly Gas Price Index
It was two-sided weekly natural gas trading for the week ended March 24 with eastern points along with Appalachia taking big hits offset to some degree by producing zones and Midwest market centers showing modest gains. The NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average fell 22 cents to $2.85 led by declines in the Northeast, Southeast, and Appalachia.

Physical NatGas Inches Lower on Easing Energy Demand; April Quietly Adds 2 Cents

Daily GPI
Physical natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery found few takers in Friday's trading as ample storage, along with a quiet energy market, gave traders little incentive to lock in three-day deals.

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More Capex Equals More U.S. Wells, Especially in Permian And Oklahoma, Says Barclays

Shale Daily
The Permian Basin and Oklahoma's stacked reservoirs will surpass all onshore areas of the United States for oil drilling this year...

GE Collaborating With Noble Corp. to Digitize Offshore Fleet

Daily GPI
As the offshore increasingly moves to compete with the monumental efficiency gains made on land, General Electric (GE), whose takeover of Baker Hughes Inc. is in progress, is collaborating with Noble Corp. plc to improve its rig fleet using digitized solutions.

Enhanced Completions Boost Newfield, Expects 1Q Production to Exceed Guidance

Shale Daily

Newfield Exploration Co. said it expects 1Q2017 production will likely exceed the high end of its guidance for the quarter, thanks in large part to enhanced completions at 16 wells the company drilled recently in Oklahoma's stacked reservoirs.

EQT Raises Guidance, Expects More Liquids Production This Year

Shale Daily

EQT Corp. on Monday bumped up its 2017 production guidance on longer lateral lengths, an increased Marcellus Shale type curve and higher anticipated natural gas liquids volumes than previously forecast.


Hilcorp Shuts In Cook Inlet Oil Production Because of Leaking NatGas Line

Daily GPI
Hilcorp Alaska LLC said Saturday it had agreed to reduce the pressure in a leaky natural gas pipeline in Alaska’s Cook Inlet following talks with the state’s governor and environmental regulators.

Permian Basin Leads Rig Gains Again

Shale Daily

Texas and Oklahoma led the states in active drilling rig gains during the week ending Friday, according to Baker Hughes Inc. Texas raised its tally by eight, and Oklahoma added seven.

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Pennsylvania Issues Permits For Controversial Injection Wells

Shale Daily
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued permits for two controversial underground injection wells in the state, closing a roughly four-year fight in two counties nearly 100 miles apart.

Japanese Company Scraps Small-Scale Alaska LNG Plans

Daily GPI
Resources Energy Inc. (REI), an affiliate of Japan’s Energy Resources Inc., has abandoned a plant for a small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Port MacKenzie in Southcentral Alaska because of global market conditions for LNG.

Oil Flows in Dakota Access Pipeline, Backers Tell DC Court

Shale Daily
Although its legal challenges have not ended, the backers of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) reported to a federal district court on Monday that Bakken crude oil began to flow in the $3.68 billion, nearly 1,200-mile pipeline.

SoCalGas Applies Advanced Methane Detection Technology

Daily GPI
Under criticism in some quarters for its efforts to curb methane emissions from its pipeline and storage system, Sempra Energy's Southern California Gas Co. launched pipeline and storage mitigation and monitoring systems this past weekend that promise improvements in reducing leaks.

Transco Files Application For Northeast Supply Enhancement

Daily GPI
Williams Partners LP said Monday its Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. filed an application at FERC for its Northeast Supply...

Hess Launches IPO for Bakken-Focused Midstream MLP

Shale Daily

Hess Corp. announced the initial public offering (IPO) Monday for units of Hess Midstream Partners LP, a master limited partnership (MLP) focused on midstream operations in North Dakota's Williston Basin.

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ExxonMobil Urges Trump Administration to Remain in UN Climate Accord

Daily GPI

ExxonMobil Corp. is urging the Trump administration to not pull out of the landmark climate change agreement cobbled together in late 2015 by more than 200 countries.

Senators Ask Icahn to Explain Advisory Role to White House

Daily GPI

Seven Democratic senators have asked 81-year-old billionaire investor Carl Icahn to explain his advisory role within the Trump administration, arguing that his holdings, including in the energy sector, "are vast and riddled with conflicts of interest" and raise "alarming questions."

SEC Charges Bakken Company Co-Founder, Others in Fraudulent Stock Scheme

Shale Daily

The co-founder of a Bakken Shale midstream operator has been charged with allegedly operating a stock scheme that allowed him to collect millions in bonus payments.


With Executive Order, Trump Shifts U.S. Away From Combating Climate Change

Daily GPI
President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday calling for sweeping changes in the energy sector, including an immediate...

Trump Signs Executive Order Marking Shift Away From Climate Change

Shale Daily

President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday calling for sweeping changes in the energy sector, including an immediate reevaluation of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP) and lifting restrictions on oil, gas and coal production.

Fossil Fuels Not Going Away, Even in California, WSPA Head Says

Daily GPI
The consumption of fossil fuels is not going away anytime soon as the interconnectedness of all forms of energy gets tighter, according to the head of the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), speaking on an industry panel in San Francisco Thursday.

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NGI's Bidweek Alert Day 2 - Mar. 28 for April 2017
For more detailed information please download the Excel data file
South Texas
Agua Dulce -- --
Florida Gas Zone 1 -- --
NGPL S. TX -- -0.085 to -0.085
Tennessee Zone 0 South -- -0.12 to -0.11
Texas Eastern S. TX -- -0.07 to -0.07
Transco Zone 1 -- --
East Texas
Carthage -- --
Houston Ship Channel -- --
Katy -- -0.035 to -0.035
NGPL TexOk 2.90 to 2.95 -0.155 to -0.145
Tennessee Zone 0 North -- --
Texas Eastern E. TX -- -0.10 to -0.10
Transco Zone 2 -- --
West Texas/SE New Mexico
El Paso Permian 2.56 to 2.62 --
Transwestern -- --
Waha 2.64 to 2.70 --
Alliance -- --
ANR ML7 -- --
Chicago Citygate 2.96 to 3.04 --
Chicago - Nicor Gas 3.02 to 3.04 --
Chicago - NIPSCO 2.96 to 2.96 --
Chicago - North Shore -- --
Chicago - Peoples -- --
Consumers Energy -- -0.03 to -0.025
Dawn 3.21 to 3.22 -0.0125 to 0.15
Emerson -- -0.43 to -0.30
Joliet -- --
Lebanon -- -0.16 to -0.16
Michigan Consolidated -- -0.0625 to -0.055
Parkway/Union -- -0.0125 to 0.16
REX into ANR - Shelby -- --
REX into MGT - Edgar -- -0.17 to -0.17
REX into NGPL - Moultrie 2.89 to 2.89 -0.175 to -0.165
REX into PEPL - Putnam -- --
REX into Trunk - Douglas -- -0.15 to -0.15
ANR SW 2.63 to 2.69 -0.40 to -0.38
Enable East 2.82 to 2.82 -0.24 to -0.22
Enable West -- --
NGPL Amarillo Mainline -- --
NGPL Midcontinent 2.67 to 2.73 --
Northern Border Ventura -- --
Northern Natural Demarc 2.77 to 2.86 --
Northern Natural Ventura 2.80 to 2.83 --
OGT 2.60 to 2.66 -0.47 to -0.47
Panhandle Eastern 2.62 to 2.71 -0.41 to -0.39
Southern Star 2.57 to 2.65 -0.43 to -0.43
North Louisiana/Arkansas
Perryville -- --
Texas Eastern, M1, 24 -- --
Texas Gas Zone 1 -- -0.115 to -0.115
Trunkline Zone 1A -- -0.115 to -0.11
South Louisiana
ANR SE -- -0.09 to -0.09
Columbia Gulf Mainline -- -0.115 to -0.1125
Columbia Gulf onshore -- --
Florida Gas Zone 2 -- --
Henry Hub -- --
Southern Natural -- --
Tennessee Line 500 -- --
Tennessee Line 800 -- --
Texas Eastern E. LA -- --
Texas Eastern W. LA -- --
Texas Gas Zone SL -- --
Transco Zone 3 -- -0.06 to -0.0525
Trunkline E. LA -- --
Trunkline W. LA -- --
FGT Citygate -- --
Florida Gas Zone 3 -- -0.045 to -0.035
Texas Eastern M-1, 30 -- -0.11 to -0.11
Transco Zone 4 -- -0.0675 to -0.0625
Transco Zone 5 -- 0.005 to 0.01
Transco Zone 5 North -- --
Transco Zone 5 South -- 0.005 to 0.01
Columbia Gas -- -0.185 to -0.18
Dominion North -- -0.50 to -0.495
Dominion South -- -0.51 to -0.47
Leidy Hub -- --
Millennium East Pool -- --
Tenn Zone 4 200L -- -0.405 to -0.40
Tennessee Zn 4 313 Pool -- -0.43 to -0.43
Tennessee Zn 4 Marcellus -- -0.67 to -0.63
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Delivery -- --
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Receipt -- -0.53 to -0.485
Texas Eastern M-3, Delivery -- -0.46 to -0.415
Texas Eastern M-3, Receipt -- --
Transco-Leidy Line -- -0.615 to -0.575
Algonquin Citygate -- 0.05 to 0.07
Algonquin Citygate (non-G) -- 0.05 to 0.07
Algonquin Receipts -- --
Iroquois Zone 2 -- 0.05 to 0.08
Iroquois, Waddington -- 0.05 to 0.05
Niagara -- --
Tenn Zone 5 200L -- --
Tenn Zone 5 300L -- --
Tenn Zone 6 200L -- 0.11 to 0.15
Tenn Zone 6 300L -- --
Transco Zone 6 non-NY -- -0.38 to -0.34
Transco Zone 6 non-NY North -- -0.38 to -0.34
Transco Zone 6 non-NY South -- --
Transco Zone 6 NY -- -0.40 to -0.35
Rocky Mountains
Cheyenne Hub 2.61 to 2.62 --
CIG 2.59 to 2.59 --
CIG DJ Basin -- --
El Paso Bondad 2.60 to 2.62 --
El Paso non-Bondad 2.59 to 2.62 --
Kern River 2.64 to 2.65 --
Kingsgate -- --
Northwest S. of Green River 2.60 to 2.63 --
Northwest Sumas 2.30 to 2.30 --
Northwest Wyoming Pool -- --
Opal 2.65 to 2.68 --
Questar -- --
Stanfield -- --
Transwestern San Juan -- --
White River Hub 2.69 to 2.69 --
El Paso S. Mainline/N. Baja -- --
Kern Delivery 2.74 to 2.75 --
Malin 2.68 to 2.75 --
PG&E Citygate 3.20 to 3.26 --
SoCal Citygate 2.97 to 3.05 --
Southern Border, PG&E -- --
Southern Border, SoCal 2.72 to 2.77 --
SoCal Border Avg. 2.72 to 2.77 --
Empress -- --
NOVA/AECO C 2.44 to 2.51 --
Westcoast Station 2 -- --